American Idol Eye Candy: Kelly Clarkson vs. Carrie Underwood

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Before a new American Idol gets crowned in two weeks, we have a pressing question:

Who is your favorite American Idol winner of all-time?

Carrie on Idol

We'll assume that Fantasia, Ruben Studdard and Taylor Hicks aren't even in the running. And, remember, Chris Daughtry and Clay Aiken didn't actually win their respective seasons.

So this leaves two options for fans of the FOX reality show: original Idol victor, Kelly Clarkson? Or season four's champion, Carrie Underwood?

Each has picked up Grammy Awards, although only Underwood has picked up an All-Pro NFL quarterback. It's a close call.

Perhaps fans will want to wait for the new Kelly Clarkson album to come out in July before making a decision. But if you have a preference right now, let us know.

And, yes, we wish Katharine McPhee had won last year, too. Go blame The Soul Patrol for that one.

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Carrie of course. Kelly doesn't even COMPARE to miss underwood. Count the number of albums each has had and even tho Kelly may have a few more than her....consider what will happen once the new Carrie album has come out. Shes achieved so much in her short amount of years compared to Kelly. Nine STRAIGHT ...(almost 10) number one singles...and album sales off the charts! Not to mention the vocal range and interaction with fans. Kelly can never ever live up to Carrie, sorry babe.


They are both good singers. I admit that Carrie Underwood has a great voice but Kelly Clarkson's voice is stronger. Kelly Clarkson's songs are also hitmakers. She's also a good songwriter. So, I would have to stick with Kelly Clarkson, all the way!


So Kelly Clarkson, has just slightly more record sales in America, then Carrie Underwood. But she also has 2 more albums (or is it 3 can't remember). But, Carrie Underwood, has very poor worldwide sales, in most countries her album doesnt even get released, because most countries dont listen to country music. Kelly Clarkson on the other hand, has much much better worldwide sales then Carrie Underwood, so in reality I would say they are pretty even. Like if Carrie Underwood releases a few more albums she will have caught up to Kelly in sales.
Oh, and one more thing, out of the two Kelly Clarkson, has the most successful album. Her Breakaway album, sold better then any of Carrie Underwoods, so that is some food for thought. Breakaway sold over 13 million copies worldwide, which in my opinion is very good.


KELLY >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> carrie love cArrie, but i cant lie! kelly more gifted an talented. great pure voice, great skill, great soul, great attitude, great look, ang very natural... that's kelly...


CARRIE UNDERWOOD!! NO CONTEST!even though Kelly does rock, Carrie is the most talented AI contestant EVER!


Hey Melissa are some voice coach or something. Kelly's range is just as high as Carrie's maybe even a little better. Kelly is consistent too, recently on tour with Reba her voice was better than ever. Carrie couldn't hit that whistle note. Kel has the better range though and she doesn't push her vocal cords, it's all natual to her. And she get praises for her voice and range.


Kelly Clarkson has classical training, while Carrie Underwood has no formal training at all, yet Carrie is the one who is totally consistent in live performances and doesn't lose her voice every other month. Kelly's "vocal range" is a result of pushing her vocal cords beyond their natural means. Kelly's highest belted note is an mixed voice. Carrie's highest belted note so far is an effortless PURE chest voice.
Kelly's F#6 "whistle" in "Natural Woman" started totally flat, and she never did it again after that performance. Carrie I believe could tap into the whistle register if she wanted, because I've heard her scream A6s and Bb6s before.


kelly clarkson is the greatest and always will be the greatest singer to come from american idol hands down no contest


no! u mean that she has had 8 singles reach the top 10....not 100! god!!!!


i would have to say Kelly...
Carrie's voice is abit annoying, and not strong enough for my interest.
But kelly's voice rocks my ipod!!!
and Kelly has had more succesful singles then Carrie.... 8 singles each have reached the top 100 billboard! which i believe is more then Carrie has done!