American Idol Eye Candy: Kelly Clarkson vs. Carrie Underwood

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Before a new American Idol gets crowned in two weeks, we have a pressing question:

Who is your favorite American Idol winner of all-time?

Carrie on Idol

We'll assume that Fantasia, Ruben Studdard and Taylor Hicks aren't even in the running. And, remember, Chris Daughtry and Clay Aiken didn't actually win their respective seasons.

So this leaves two options for fans of the FOX reality show: original Idol victor, Kelly Clarkson? Or season four's champion, Carrie Underwood?

Each has picked up Grammy Awards, although only Underwood has picked up an All-Pro NFL quarterback. It's a close call.

Perhaps fans will want to wait for the new Kelly Clarkson album to come out in July before making a decision. But if you have a preference right now, let us know.

And, yes, we wish Katharine McPhee had won last year, too. Go blame The Soul Patrol for that one.

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For all the carrie fans out there rock on. for the kelly clarkson fans i dont know whar u thinkin. GO CARRIE.




Please!!!! I'd take Kelly Clarkson anytime! A far better singer with a superior choice of material. By the way, here's an interesting quote from Carrie Underwood last year: "If you told me I couldn't sing anymore, I'd say that's awful, but IT"S NOT MY LIFE. If you told me I couldn't be around animals anymore, I would just die." Hummm, to me, that says a lot about Ms. Underwood. I think a true singer/artist would just die if they couldn't sing anymore.


Carrie has changed so much. I guess too much money and fame, she is showing a lot of skin. For someone who has talent, she dont have to show too much!


Kelly forever!!!! Down to earth person, never change. I love you Kelly!!!!


Kelly out of her zone what? That's bull. Kelly is still the same sweet, dorky, down to girl from Texas that we me back in 2002. Kelly is by far the most down to earth celeb out there. *now i'm not saying Carrie isn't, both are sweet girls". :)


Carrie, by a mile. I loved Kelly when she was on idol, but she has gone out of her zone. Carrie is still the same sweet, down-to-earth person she was on season 4.


Kelly is the best 4ever.I'm bored listening carrie's voice.But I feel refreshing listening kelly's voice


always kelly n forever


to rulz, so what if kelly clarkson is a quest judge on AI 9. i feel really sorry for kelly coz carrie had guested on the show a lot more. including her voice was used for the farewell song for the contestants("home sweet home") suck on that KELLY FAT CLARKSON!!) and carrie underwood has more AWARDS than kelly. FYI.