American Idol Eye Candy: Blake Lewis Photos

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The Hollywood Gossip is about more than just pleasing our male readers. Sure, we talk a lot about the Kristine Lefebvre Playboy issue.

And guys can check out pics of Holly Madison nude any time they want.

Trying to Stay Alive

But we aim to satisfy the ladies, as well. Why else would we post photos of David Beckham nude? Or Matthew McConaughey without a shirt? (Not like he gives us a choice, though.)

Anyway, with the fairer gender in mind, here are a slew of Blake Lewis pictures. We know how women swoon over the beat boxing skills and boyish charm of this American Idol finalist.

It's just too bad Antonella Barba has reportedly gotten to him first. Guess oral sex photos do work out in the end for some.


Blakes mine u guys! im sry to all who think hes like hott and all but wer engaged lol. I love u blakemarry me? hehe


we love blake lewis alot.... he is such a cutie!!!! if he comes out with an album wel will be sure to buy it!!!! go blake we love you!!!!


Blake is the best for me. If i can, wanna take a photo with U. Dreaming of dat....


hey ur the best i'm just 12 but always dream of havin a friendship with u.bye..luv..tina


very poor man i ever saw in my life


How did this guy even get on the show! Out of all the male singers in the country this is the best - give me a break. I think they intentionally bring bad bad singers on. Advise - Join the Army and be all you can be Blake

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