Ab-Tastic Photo Finish: Andy Baldwin vs. Kate Hudson

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Who will win our celebrity gossip battle of the abs?

Matthew McConaughey
. Every time. That's why we decided not to let him play this round, and give some other stars a shot. On the left, we see The Bachelor: Officer and a Gentleman hunk Andy Baldwin out for a run in N.Y. City.

K. Hudson Pic

Oooooga. Whether he picks Tessa or Bevin on next week's season finale of The Bachelor is uncertain, but one thing is for sure - both are lucky to have gotten a piece of that fine ass.

Opposing Baldwin is an actress who's in tip-top shape herself. Seen here leaving a recent workout, Kate Hudson is showing no signs of having had a baby, son Ryder, three years ago now. She's whipped that tummy back into washboard shape like nobody's business. Do you have to register those things? Damn!

Owen Wilson, if you're hitting this... we still thought Wedding Crashers was kind of overrated. Not your best. Sorry man. You can do better. Don't get complacent.

Anyway, it's nice to see Hudson no longer resembles an anorexic Kate Bosworth. We're happy for you, K-Hud. And even happier for the viewing public, which is no longer subjected to such horrific imagery.

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Andy Baldwin is SO HOT!!