A Photo Finish with Flavor (of Love): Larissa Aurora vs. Jennifer Toof

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Mo'Nique has to pick up her game.

The host of Flavor of Love Girls: Charm School is faced with the task of turning women with less than perfect manners into models of decorum.

In other words: the opposite of oral sex-loving Lily Allen.

So far, so not too good for Mo'Nique, however. One contestant from the show has already made a sex tape, in which a very nude Jennifer Toof holds little back.

Now, Larissa Aurora (aka "Bootz") is almost baring it all in a racy new calendar. 

While neither gal would win the title of Miss Manners, you can decide which should be Miss Hottie. Or does Holly Madison nude automatically win that award?

Of course, Carmella DeCesare is doing what she can to make that a close vote. Don't forget to let us know your take on that battle, as well.


Possible to know girls Holly Wood want the e-Larissa


Check out Brandi C in action...


first of all larissa got all that mouth but she no shay can woop her ass i yoused to like larrisa alot but then i seen she jus got alot of mouth she really let me down


larissa is a bitch, she calls leiline out because she is a stripper, but baby this is worst. you are selling ur body for money too. dumb bitch


larissa is fine as i dont know what she was gone woop shay a$$ because is a fake a$$ bitch and the reason is because she snitched and she is a snitch and she will always be and plus she a punk cause if she wanted to fight bootz she could fought her and talked crap to her while they were in the bathroom the only two people that will actually fight are larissa and sapphyri larissa is a bad bitchshay is a punk wit her fake ugly ass new york can woop shay ass


***I GAURANTEE WITHIN 3 YEARS LARISSA WILL BE MURDERED!*** I know Larissa won't care and like what I say, but due to her ignorance that she uses towards people, instead of using common sense, she will be killed by someone she really pisses off - MARK MY WORDS!!! It's sad to see that her momma has raised her to be a COCKY, ARROGANT, IGNORANT PERSON. Larissa's got the nerve to talk about a mother stripping to financially support her kids, but Larissa's is on TV. looking and sounding like a fool and like her mother hasn't taught her any morals! She a beautiful girl physically, but really messed up on the inside. I've watched to see if this girl would ever behave like a grown woman on TV., but so far she still has her head up her a$$! Good luck to Larissa getting through life, because where I come from, ignorant people like her get messed up or killed!

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