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Will T.R. Knight and Isaiah Washington return?

Forget that Grey's Anatomy gossip for now and let's focus on another issue facing Seattle Grace in the fall: Will Katherine Heigl be scrubbing in as brunette?

Heigl on Today

The actress that gets Knocled Up by Seth Rogen this summer has been hitting the town recently with darker locks than ever before. What do you think of the change?

Heigl, of course, isn't the first celebrity to mess with her own head. Beyonce likes to surprise fans with curly or straight styles from time to time.

The aforementioned Knight has even followed the pink lead of Joss Stone and Rachel McAdams recently. Guess that's the sort of knee-jerk reaction one has after failing an intern exam.

Finally, you might recall that Britney Spears shaved her head and then sported obvious hair extensions recently. That story may have made a few celebrity gossip headlines.

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Fans of High School Musical can't wait for August 17 to roll around. That's when the second season of this teen sensation premieres on the Disney Channel.

But you can drool over Zac Efron and company right now, ladies!

Laker Fans

The young actor stars in a new Got Milk campaign, along with Ashley Tisdale and the rest of his pretend classmates.

It's classic, innocent fun. The sort Britney Spears stopped having long before Jayden James was even born.

And Lindsay Lohan has never had unless cocaine and alcohol were involved.

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Ever since she first appeared on The Hills, Heidi Montag has been looking to milk her celebrity for all it's worth.

After getting a nice pair of fake boobs, a nose job and an engagement ring from a money-grubbing ass nice gentleman, it appears she's going to cash in.

The 20-year-old star of The Hills, who underwent a breast augmentation as well as rhinoplasty surgery in early April, has reportedly been offered $1 million to have her new, artificial body grace the pages of Playboy.

This according to none other than Spencer Pratt, her new fiance and "manager," who shared the news with In Touch Weekly in its May 28 issue.

"Playboy is interesting in shooting Heidi's new body," Spencer Pratt told In Touch. "They've offered her $1 million to be in the magazine."

Playboy representative Lauren Melone didn't deny that Heidi Montag received an offer to appear in the magazine, but added that Playboy "wouldn't pay $1 million."

Ouch! That hurts. But just look at how happy Spencer and Heidi are. Nothing could faze them and their undying love for media coverage each other. Above, the losers are pictured leaving Les Deux last night. Gag.

MTV previously announced a third season of The Hills would premiere this summer - however it's still unclear if the show would feature Miss Montag.

She and former BFF Lauren Conrad reportedly had a falling out following the show's second season when Montag moved out of their apartment together and in with that jackass Spencer.

We'll keep you posted if we hear anything. In the meantime, you can help Lauren pick her dress for the MTV Movie Awards!

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He's already on a cool show.

But Kevin Connolly boosted his image as a player Tuesday night when he became the meat in a Duff sandwich, so to speak.

The adorable Entourage star arrived with the singing sisters at 11 p.m. for friend and promoter Frankie Delgado's birthday party, but his attention was soon all on Haylie Duff.

She's the older, less famous sister of Hilary Duff.

While the official word from their camps is that KevCon and Haylie aren't dating, they sure were canoodling and whispering in each others' ears - hard.

Don't worry, though - for those of you concerned that Hilary Duff is too young to be in the club, she was drinking only water. There would be no Lindsay Lohan binges for this starlet.

Tanned, blonde and in a strapless dress, Haylie looked like she just came from the beach Kevin was all over that piece like Britney Spears on an In-n-Out burger.

Also getting cuddly last night: Brody Jenner and just about every girl in the building. Except, of course, for his ex, Lauren Conrad - who was also there.

Yes, while The Hills stars were both at Hyde, Brody was giving Lauren Conrad the cold shoulder. Even after pulling the "unintentional" pass-by move, LC did not succeed in diverting Brody's attention from the bevy of babes circling him.

SIDE NOTE: It's interesting that the last time we heard from Brody, it was also in our Club Watch. This is because Brody Jenner does nothing but go to clubs and pick up girls. More power to him for it - we're just making a point here.

In any case, Lauren Conrad left at 12:30, thus missing a brief club cameo by Kanye West, who swaggered in at 1:15 a.m., but was out no more than 10 minutes later.

Probably had to get home to Alexis Phifer.

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Don't worry, Britney Spears: you'll be happy when you re-enter rehab in a few weeks.

At least that will be the case if you follow the lead of Lindsay Lohan, according to this drunk's pals.

Fill 'Er Up

"She's happy where she is and is just taking time to herself to learn and be okay," stylist friend Nate Newell said. "I've been in touch with her and she likes it."

After a weekend of partying following her DUI citation, Lohan checked into Promises treatment center in Malibu on Memorial Day. Her and Howie Day have probably had a lot of sex there.

"She's so much in the public eye 24 hours a day that she's gotten so caught up," Newell said, making excuses for her skanky friend."I think she surrounds herself with good people generally, but all the pressure that she's around has created this alternate universe in a way and it's hard for her to stay grounded."

The Hollywood Gossip thinks Newell, and anyone who makes these sorts of excuses, is a complete moron. If Lohan wanted to avoid the public eye, she could maybe stay away from Hyde a few nights a week. Or wear underwear.

If Lindsay wants to face actual pressure, try working two jobs to put food on the table for your family. You might embrace the chance to simply make crappy pop albums after that.

Sorry. We know we're merely a celebrity gossip blog, but we believe in taking responsibility for one's own actions. Either that, or blaming your mother for it all.

Especially when that mother is Dina Lohan.

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Stop hogging the American Idol spotlight, Blake Lewis.

Paula Abdul has some things to get off her wacky chest.

In a sob-filled audio tape obtained by The New York Post, the judge is captured having a meltdown during a recent conference call.

In a Simon Cowell-like rant - minus the cool accent and calm demeanor - Paula attacks former publicist Howard Bragman; reveals she's dealing with challenging medical problems; and states she's had enough of the terrible treatment she receives from the "people who are supposed to be taking care of things."

She sobs on the tape: "I've never been treated this way and I've never seen anybody treated this way. This is just too much to stomach."

We guess she's referring to the celebrity gossip rumors that she's drunk all the time. But Paula still has a long way to go to catch up with Britney Spears.

Abdul, the former wife of Emilio Estevez, also outlines her health problems, including an adrenal disease called Addison's. (Which is NOT named after the Kate Walsh character on Private Practice.)

Ranting about Bragman, who apparently didn't appreciate her enough, the former pop star says: "I do a call-in every week for OK! Magazine on American Idol. Because of my brilliant job, they want to do a cover on me. I'm being told by Howard Bragman that I'm too old and no one will ever want to do a cover."

Abdul went on to say she was tired of such treatment. Apparently, Bragman did not even show up with her for a recent appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live.

We know: this is more galling behavior than anything Alex Rodriguez has done.

And Paula is sick of it!

"I don't understand how this man can call me a whining bitch. I've never in my life been called a whining bitch and a loser."

It's never too late, though, is it?

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Patriots quarterback Tom Brady was in some hot water earlier this year when he learned his ex-girlfriend, Bridget Moynahan, was carrying his child.

This revelation came after he'd already taken up with a new "tight end" (heh heh), Brazilian supermodel Gisele Bundchen.

Home Run Hitter

Saucy as this love triangle is, it may pale in comparison to the scandal involving Alex Rodriguez if the New York Post's story has legs.

Yesterday's Post cover story features an incriminating picture of the Yankees third baseman - who is married with a baby daughter - out with a mystery blonde.

After the abysmal Yankees dropped a third straight game to the L.A. Angels Sunday, the troubled slugger flew to Toronto and checked into the Four Seasons in the city's trendy Yorkville section.

After settling in, the 31-year-old A-Rod, this mystery blonde and two men left the Four Seasons in a taxi shortly at 8:30 p.m. for dinner at the ritzy Harbour Sixty Steakhouse.

Rodriguez, who was wearing his wedding band, was casually dressed in jeans and a white T-shirt.

His tight-bodied, bleach-blonde gal pal was clad in a snug pair of blue jeans, a shiny, light T-shirt and wedge-heeled shoes.

A witness told The Post that Rodriguez and his three companions spent about two hours dining at Harbour Sixty. Rodriguez and the blonde were driven in one of Harbour Sixty's cars over to the Brass Rail, a high-end strip club.

The witness saw A-Rod and the woman go into the Brass Rail just after 11 p.m.

Meanwhile the celebrity gossip super-sleuths at TMZ report that this is nothing new - Rodriguez was with the very same blonde in Las Vegas two weekends ago!

Sources in Vegas say the slugger was at the hot nightclub Tryst at the Wynn Hotel on May 13, sitting at a table with his blonde companion.

The two were living it up near the 90-foot waterfall, drinking two bottles of Grey Goose vodka. Alex left the club around 2:00 a.m., and sources say the two headed over to the Mirage the next day, where he and the mystery blonde participated in a private event at the pool.

The "event" featured "staff" from the nearby, risque Bare Lounge. Oh yeah. You can officially add Cynthia Rodriguez to the mile-long list of people who hate Alex Rodriguez.

When contacted, a rep for the Wynn refused to comment on their celebrity clientele, while reps for A-Rod were just as tight lipped.

Man, what is going on with these sports superstars and the need to chase tail at every turn. Brady's babes, Alex's stray rod, Reggie Bush seeing Kim Kardashian's up close. Does it ever end?

These three should take a long, hard look at themselves, and heed the example of former tennis star Mark Philippoussis, who's going about his search for love the right way.

On a reality TV show.

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One would think that with Paris Hilton going to jail and Lindsay Lohan right on her tail, Britney Spears would have the sense to clean up her behavior before she joins them.

One would also think Tom Brady knew what condoms were. Anyway.

Britney Spears in the Circle

Britney is reportedly back on the party scene, celebrity gossip sites are reporting, and that means the obligatory tales of blowing chunks hard in men's bathrooms.


According to the latest rumors, Jayden James' mother was found "vomiting uncontrollably" in the men's can of the exclusive Sky Bar at Los Angeles' Mondrian hotel on Sunday night.

After a full evening of throwing 'em back, Spears had to be carried out when she was discovered slumped over a toilet covered in her own mess.

Looks like Howie Day can expect company back in detox.

A source told London's The Sun: "Britney Spears was found slumped over the toilet bowl with make-up smeared over her face and her wig hanging off."

Hmm. This story may not hold water, given that Brit reportedly got hair extensions prior to that date. But let's continue for now.

The supposed witness tells a tale of a trashed Britney Spears:

"She had a room booked at the hotel but was too ill to stay and was begging her bodyguard to take her home. She looked a real mess and was sitting on the floor with her head over the bowl throwing up. There was vomit down the front of her dress and around her mouth. Britney was on her knees and must have been sick 4-5 times. She didn't seem with it."

Hopefully these recollections will serve reminder as to why it's probably best for am obviously troubled, rehabbing mother of two tiny children to, you know, not get blitzed in public.

Nonetheless, the Hollywood Gossip will almost surely be reporting a nearly identical story in the next couple of days. To paraphrase Jon Bon Jovi, it's all the same. Only the bad outfits and name of the club change.

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Paris Hilton has friends.

Moreover, they actually are rallying around the soon-to-be piece of jail meat.

"We had a little party at her house the other night so we were all around her to be there for her," childhood friend Caroline D'Amore told People magazine at Wednesday's Los Angeles opening of the flagship Diesel store on Melrose Place.

D'Amore added that Hilton and pals had fun at the Memorial Day barbecue hosted by Nicole Richie.

"We all watched the first episode of the new season of The Simple Life, which was really cute."

We're sure Paris and Nicole making a mockery of kids at camp was adorable, yes. Not as adorable as Kristin Cavallari hanging out with Nick Zano and her mom. But still.
Hilton has until June 5 to turn herself in to the Century Regional Detention Facility in Lynwood, Calif., where she will serve a at least 23 days for violating probation by driving with a suspended license.

Still, D'Amore said Hilton "has high hopes" for the future. Added occasional pal Kim Kardashian: "[Paris] is a smart girl and will be okay. It's all about learning from her experiences."

Which is exactly what Kim has done: She frisked Reggie Bush for a camera before letting him take her from behind.

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Beyonce wants to have kids.

So, should her hot piece of man candy prepare a crib in his crib? Not just yet.

Beyonce and Jay-Z Step Out

Asked in the June issue of France's Questions de femmes magazine if she is planning on popping out any little one, the singer says: "Yes, in 10 years! For the moment, there are still so many things I need to accomplish."

A wedding, however, is not one of them. Don't look for Knowles and Jay-Z to walk down the aisle any time soon, as she relayed to InStyle in January:

"You can't rush a man into anything â€" whether it's a relationship, marriage or having children. When he's ready, he'll let you know."

Not to worry, though, folks: the couple is still going strong. They were spotted on May 22 at the Naomi Campbell's de Grisogono-sponsored birthday party at the exclusive Hotel du Cap near Cannes.

Questions de femmes also asks Beyonce what she likes to do when she isn't working. Does she like to pretend that she's a sea captain, like Britney Spears?

"I used to do some painting but I don't have time anymore â€" I have to start again," she says. "I like to watch the Discovery Channel and from time to time DVDs. It depends on how I feel."

Beyonce also insists that, although she always looks immaculate when she goes out, she's really low-maintenance. Unlike that overly made-up, Oompa Loompa-like singer, Aubrey O'Day.

"I actually don't like wearing make-up, I'd rather be natural," she says. "My hair is natural and when I go out I don't need to spend hours deciding what I will wear or which make-up to put on. I know exactly what I want."

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