Zooey Deschanel Nude Alert: Baring it all for Janis Joplin Movie

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Certain actresses might as well go to work in their birthday suites. Eva Mendes nude, for example, is not exactly an uncommon sighting.

But Zooey Deschanel? Her most well-known movie role is the Will Ferrell vehicle, Elf. Not exactly a bastion of pornography.

Zooey Deschanel Pic

Which is not to say that Deschanel is going all Jenna Jameson on us in the near future, either. But the rising star recently talked about taking her clothes off for the first - and probably only - time when she portrays music legend Janis Joplin in the the film Gospel According to Janis.

"There's a famous series of photos of Janis wearing nothing but beads and we're recreating that for the movie," Zooey Deschanel explains. "I've never taken off my clothes for a role before and I doubt I'll do it again, but to really become who Janis was I have to get into the mindset that says there's nothing to be ashamed about."

So there's a reason to check out this movie, fellas. Like pictures of an almost nude Hilary Swank, Deschanel in the buff may never come around again.

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I think Zooey's very brave for undertaking this role. She's goreous and talented, but I sure as hell couldn't picture her pulling off the look or the voice of the legend, Janis. It makes me curious to see the movie though, they've drawn me in!
Good on her for undergoing such an intense transformation -- that is, if she can pull it off successfully. And I think as long as you don't do anything along the lines of opening your legs or rubbing your own nipples during a nude scene, it can remain classy.


do u wanna do sex with me


uglatto - just because she is posing nude it doesnt mean she isn't classy. Usually only fat ugly women say things like that because they arent attractive enough to be an actress themselves and no one would ever want to see them naked.


she's very nice!!!


Hey, she was born on my birthday, January 17th, even though 32 years later. I would love to meet her. Art


How does this make her not classy... I mean she's playing Janis Chaplin... people act like its so wrong for people to get naked. People used to pose for nude portraits, its part of art...


So, their is alot of talk on the net about this movie being yet another canceled Joplin flick what's up are they going to produce this one or what?


i love her she is such a good actress. i would love to meet her.


im speechless , thats too bad I thought she was classier than that :(