Victoria Beckham Boobs Update: Still Huge, Still on Display

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If Victoria Beckham is truly gonna go Dancing with the Stars in the future, her partner may need to wear a facemask.

After all, those giant boobs are a dangerous weapon.

Victoria Beckham Solo

And it doesn't appear as though the former Spice Girl is planning on covering them up any time soon.

Apparently competing with her husband for most blatant display of nudity - although it will be tough to beat a picture of David Beckham nude - Victoria is seen here, once again, pointing her nipples in the direction of all around her.

There's no way to comprehend why Beckham doesn't grasp the concept of a bra. Or a non-see through shirt. Perhaps she feels the need to compete with Katie Price.

Makes us afraid of what she might do if Gemma Atkinson talks trash, too.


Close this terrible site..its turned into your personal blog. Everything posted is your first glance opinion and from what I've seen/skimmed..its all WRONG! Honestly I couldn't care less about what these celebrities do..I just like to see the hotties!


What happen to her, she's not posh spice anymore but scary spice with big ugly fake boobs.


she is clearly wearing a bra, either her nips are poking through or its one of those bras with nips attached (google it its real)


shes clearly wearing a bra. they're just pokies through the bra.


It doesn't look like a bra to me underneath...She looks GREAT!


But those boobs needn't be hidden inside a bra. What with the nipples. Like a beautiful garden, the world will lose on aethetics if fenced in with a bra.


Posh is clearly wearing a bra in this shot.......


Victoria Beckham Quotes

I love Sex And The Cityand I'm going to arrange a girlie night to watch the film. But I'm happy doing what I'm doing right now. I'm a terrible actress. Everyone thinks I'm only friends with Tom and Katie to be in a movie but it's not true. I've turned down lots of roles.

Victoria Beckham

I think David is better looking than him. Definitely.

Victoria Beckham [on her husband vs. George Clooney]