Topless Lucy Pinder Poses for Nuts Magazine

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Lucy Pinder is a lingerie model.

So the fact that she's gone topless in a magazine shouldn't be shocking.

Lucy Pinder, Michelle Marsh Go Nuts

Unlike fellow British beauty, Keeley Hazell, however, Pinder hasn't shown off her bare body in public too often.

That's why we were so surprised to come across these photos in Nuts magazine.

Almost as surprised as we were to discover that there actually is a Nuts magazine.

For an actress, model or singer, of course, showing off your giant boobs in a publication is nothing new.

Eva Mendes has done it recently.

A topless Kate Moss is almost more common than a fully dressed one.

Heck, nude Hilary Swank photos have even made the rounds.

So welcome to the club, Lucy.

Just make sure Ron Jeremy doesn't get too close to those melons.


Naked wellpaper


Lucy Pinder is now hosting programs at Television X. To complement Lucy's presenting shows: Sammie Pennington is being introduced as the new face/body of TvX. Double Bonus! Check them both out:


having very juicy booooooooobs


shes so hot! volouptous body




Lucy. Stunning breasts, lovely nipples and a smile to die for.On your next photo shoot make us all happy. Remove your panties, spread your legs and let the photographer capture your inner beauty from all angles. No more shyness. Be adventurous and in the words of Nike "Just do it"


For years Lucy has been reticent to go fully topless, teasing us with tantalising glimpses of her naked breasts covered with a strategically placed hand or some other spoiler, showing us their stupendous outline but never the nipples. Now we get to see it all, and what a gorgeous sight they are - huge, succulent water melons, ripe but firm, capped by large pink areolae rising to prouud, semi erect nipples. If your idea of fun is licking cherries off the top of a cream cake, you'll get the idea. In the past she has also done lots of girl on girl action, and hopefully she will open up on this front too, being more adventurous in what she does and what she shows. A little bit of naughty action below the waist would be nice.


sexy is she a lesbian


oh! what a boobs , irealy want this for evar


She is the hottest woman I have ever seen.


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Lucy Pinder, Michelle Marsh
Lucy Pinder has enormous breasts. That's pretty much all the British model has to offer, but it's also all you really need to be famous... More »
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