The Hollywood Gossip Raises a Glass to Amanda Bynes

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It's approximately 139 days and 10 hours until it's legal for certain acts to be performed on Hayden Panettiere. The actress turns 18 in four and a half months.

Fortunately for Amanda Bynes, however, she's officially 21 today. So the law is no longer an issue in any way for this young celeb. Unless she needs to rent a car.

Amanda Bynes Arrives

Last year, Bynes was named as one of Teen People's 25 Hottest Stars Under 25. She was joined on that list by Beyonce (who we like a lot) and Ashlee Simpson (who the world could do without).

We just hope Amanda remains as young and innocent as the wholesome characters she portrayed for years on Nickelodeon.

Sadly, other young actresses, such as Hilary Duff, have abandoned such sweet images for a persona that can only be described as "very, very skanky."

Don't go there, Bynesy. The world will always love you for who you are. Well, unless you're Rosie O'Donnell.

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