Tameka Foster Pregnant ... with Someone Else's Baby!

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The Hollywood Gossip has already been receiving hate mail regarding Tameka Foster.

For whatever reason, many readers feel as though this stylist simply isn't good enough for singing - and abdominal - sensation, Usher. With that already being the case, we're afraid to see how fans will respond to this news:

Usher and Tameka Foster in a Car

Foster, who already has three children and is recently divorced from her first husband Ryan Glover, is allegedly four months pregnant with his Glover's child. It's like the case of Salma Hayek ... only Tameka isn't marrying François-Henri Pinault or even her baby's daddy at all.

Usher and Foster were reunited in February after a brief split. His spokeswoman announced the engagement a few weeks ago, while a source claims the hasty proposal took place due to the pregnancy.

We have no idea. But we do wonder if this will be a Dannielynn-like situation and if Usher will claim the child as his own. Stay tuned to find out.


tameka aint preagnet she is just fatt lol j/k


Well this is for Usher. I do not know much about the hip hop or R&B industry, but I do know people. I dont know anything about Temeka Foster, except for the opinions of what the internet tells me, therefore I will not judge her. But I have grown and learned a great deal about Usher. And one thing I have learned is that no matter how many success or achievements we have in our live, nothing takes the place of being accepted for who are as an individual. And those lessons come from experiences, whhether good or bad. And if Tameka do break Usher's heart and drains him dry, I pray that the experience will not make him bitter but open his eyes. So that when TRUE LOVE comes he will bw able to recognize it and know that he does deserve it just like you and I.

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