Petra Nemcova Strikes Back with ... Sanjaya Malakar?

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Take this, James Blunt!

You may be having dirty sex with Paris Hilton, but your beautiful ex-girlfriend is making a move of her own. With one of the most popular American Idol contestants of all-time: Sanjaya Malakar.

Petra Nemcova and Jamie Belman

Indeed, Petra Nemvoa took this unexpected picture with Sanjaya Saturday night at the White House Correspondents' Dinner.

For whatever reason, People magazine included Malakar on its guest list for the event. Other celebrities in attendance included Teri Hatcher and Sheryl Crow.

Anyway, it's nice to see these kids getting along and everything - but we think Shyamali Malakar, Sanjaya's sister, would've made a more entertaining guest.


I agree, we need us some Sanjaya.This Anoop guy just doen't cut it. Sanjaya paved the way for him,but Sanjaya, he is the real Man.


It's spring of 2009 now,and those of us who are bored with this years Idol show,keep hoping Sanjaya is going to show up again this season as a guest singing and dancing star,who has come a long way with a new book about idol,and a song with the same name." Dancing to the Music in my head ". Sanjaya tugs at our no other contestant has . We need to see him entertain again.!


Heyy Sexyy sanjaya ur so hot my friend loves you so muchh.. Cant Beleive it!!!She always talks about sanjaya her name is catherine Gaboury!(L)She wants You In her pants:P Anyways 1 fan sanjaya


Sanjaya's a good kid, and I wish him the very best. The general public has been very nasty with him, and that's just not right. He's a winner, tho, because he transcends the negativity and smiles thru it all, God bless him! He will never be forgotten by me because he makes me smile and I like his charming personality. He's definitely a breath of fresh air that's sorely needed in these troubled times we live in. Thanks, Sanjaya! Go for it!


hey wassup why with him dudes like gay plus he got booted already is it real i feel a lil hurt cause of it check me out get with me instead this my myspace yeah holla at me we'll date and get married i'm the best from america for you i speak good english i'm better looking than him too

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