Pete Wentz Makes "Most Beautiful" List - WTF!?

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George Clooney. Patrick Dempsey. Brad Pitt. Jennifer Aniston. Christie Brinkley. Aishwarya Rai. With some celebrities, there's simply no doubt when you gaze upon them. The gut reaction is "He [she] is so beautiful!"

Pete Wentz is not one of those people.

We think that's clear, having, you know, seen pictures and videos of Pete Wentz before. But People magazine, in an effort to act cool and trendy, decided to include the Fall Out Boy bassist / Ashlee Simpson boy toy in annual its list of the world's most beautiful individuals.

Seriously, People. WTF. What's next, Marilyn Manson? Dudes wearing makeup is great for publicity and selling records - and it doesn't stop you from scoring with hot girls, either. But let's not kid ourselves and call Pete Wentz beautiful, k?

He's as good looking as Britney Spears is stable.

Anyway, we'll make up for posting this Pete Wentz pic with some images of some others who (deservedly) made the People's list of the Most Beautiful People of 2007. You don't often see Matthew McConaughey with a shirt on. Take it in… as you wish he'd take it off!!!!

In case you can't identify him, that's Prison Break star Wentworth Miller up top with the voluptuous Scarlett Johansson. Then there's McConaughey, of course, loving life in all his chiseled glory. Jennifer Garner, super mother and super actress, is always a favorite of The Hollywood Gossip

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he is beautiful inside and out.


i think that pete wentz definitely deserves it. i mean he is so beautiful and so sexy and so HOT!!! i love him so much i think he is the most gorgious person in the world (seriously) ; )


I love him, and he deserves to be there 1000%.
He is BEYOND hot.


i think pete wentz is really cute.
he definitly DESERVES it.


Pete wentz is hot,sexy and beutiful i love him and i know other girls do too so u should cut him some slack.


im happy for pete he is the most beautiful person i love him w/ all of my heart good job pete for making the most beautiful list because u r the most beautiful person ever i love you


By the way...
He isn't like the 'other' celebraties... He actualy LIKES he's fans... He doesn't egnore them and he's friendly... He keeps everithing that the fans send...
Do you even know you he his? Like... HE IS BEAUTIFUL... That's why he's there! ; )
*Girls know what I mean! PS: I know my english sucks buts it's not my original language... (just another thing to show tha Pete is knownd across the world has a good guy)


Hum... Marilyn Manson NO... Pete Wentz, he doesn't have anithing to do... Pete is sooo hot! Hes sooo cute! He is the best bassist in the world! Got that?
Start respecting Pete 'cuz he's just geting started... before you know it he's gonna be on the top 10...


LOL.....this is what I searched for: Pete Wentz most beautiful??????????? I agree with you....he is absolutely not beautiful, but hey, differ'nt strokes for differ'nt folks!


Come on Dude are you serious I mean I love Pete Wentz I mean why wouldn't you, hes funny and looks like fun... Everyone loves Pete Wentz!!! Why don't you write about celebritys pages on bebo are they fake or what!!!

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