Pete Wentz Makes "Most Beautiful" List - WTF!?

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George Clooney. Patrick Dempsey. Brad Pitt. Jennifer Aniston. Christie Brinkley. Aishwarya Rai. With some celebrities, there's simply no doubt when you gaze upon them. The gut reaction is "He [she] is so beautiful!"

Pete Wentz is not one of those people.

We think that's clear, having, you know, seen pictures and videos of Pete Wentz before. But People magazine, in an effort to act cool and trendy, decided to include the Fall Out Boy bassist / Ashlee Simpson boy toy in annual its list of the world's most beautiful individuals.

Seriously, People. WTF. What's next, Marilyn Manson? Dudes wearing makeup is great for publicity and selling records - and it doesn't stop you from scoring with hot girls, either. But let's not kid ourselves and call Pete Wentz beautiful, k?

He's as good looking as Britney Spears is stable.

Anyway, we'll make up for posting this Pete Wentz pic with some images of some others who (deservedly) made the People's list of the Most Beautiful People of 2007. You don't often see Matthew McConaughey with a shirt on. Take it in… as you wish he'd take it off!!!!

In case you can't identify him, that's Prison Break star Wentworth Miller up top with the voluptuous Scarlett Johansson. Then there's McConaughey, of course, loving life in all his chiseled glory. Jennifer Garner, super mother and super actress, is always a favorite of The Hollywood Gossip

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sorry but my friend megen wroter the last comment me joti did not. alisa- pete wentz is NOT HOT to me he looks emo and guys should not wear so much eye liner.... by alise


oh and francesca (the girl above me) i think your a ****ing liar cuz of this crap ...(hes kind and sweet).. my ass u havent even met him


pete wentz is not beautiful....... hes SEXY!!!!


i dont ahve a lot of tiem to write, but i love peter lewis kingston wentz the third and he defiantely deserves to be on this list. i am sorry to be quoting what others say, but he is truely beautiful inside and out. he has ana azming body, hes sweet, kin,d friendsly, actually writes back to his fans, is thankful of everyone, loves everyone, and omg, his smile. seriously dude, his smile alone is beautiful. my mom thinks hes a handsome boy, but she just doesnt like the eyeliner/bangs/nai lpolish. but i showed her a picture of him without everything and she even said he was a VERY good, looking guy. even with the eyeliner, bangs, and nail polish, my mom said his smile was beautiful. i think pete wentz is the most gorgeous person in the world and im not just saying that to be on the banwagon. he is also an amazing lyrisict. he deserves this 100 % !


Pete SO deserves to be on that list. He is HOT. Any can see that. Unless you're a straight man... In which case you should not be writing about which men are hot or not. Just ask all the screaming fangirls.
Pete IS beautiful.


i agree to those who really accept pete as a beautiful person! besides, beauty is not based on your face, not to mention that pete is hot and handsome, it is the whole being of a person. and to those who convince themselves that they are worthy enough.. to judge other people, not just celebrities, beware of the consequences of your actions... no deed goes unpunished, besides you could always speak the truth in love, which still can't be excusable because i mean, pete wentz is really handsome and very caring with his fans. So whatever happens.. we fans will torture you to the grossest way possible if you keep on doing this... not kidding.. P.S. and to our dear pete, we fans are so happy for the success of the band and congrats that you made the list. so happy for you! -Mariella W.


Pete Wentz deserves to be up there just as much, if not more than those other stars. He's giving, sweet, and kind. He truly loves and appreciates his fans. And having an absolutley AMAZING face and bod doesn't hurt, either! I love him to death and have forever. And i'll agree, makeup is great for publicity, but let's be honest, it's just what he does. It's part of what makes Pete himself. and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that. besides, he's totally THE hottest person alive on the planet. seriously! and one day, he'll be number one on the list. just watch! ;) i love you, pete.


Why is evry1 so surprised?!!!!!!!Pete is the most beautiful and brilliant person on EARTH!!!DID U C HIS FACE!!!!!!......and wen he smiles i cant stop lookn at him!!!!!!pete is beautiful on the outside nd the inside!!!!!hes a really nice nd gorgeous guy nd he likes himself jus th way he is!!!!!I LUV U PETE!!!!!!and if it was up 2 me pete wud be the only person in tat list caus no1 can compete with pete wen it cums 2 his beautiful FACE!!!!XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX


OMG GIVE PETE WENTZ A BREAK! I mean look at him how can you not find him beautiful! i think you need to open your eyes I LOVE PETE HES SO SEXY!


Of course Pete should be on the list... He IS beautifull and sexy and hot. Everyone with eyes can see that...

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