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Katie Holmes has hardly left Tom Cruise's side since they began dating in April 2005.

However, that support has caused her much grief.

Fashion-Challenged Mother and Daughter

According to one Hollywood insider, the actress, who gave birth to daughter Suri Cruise last year, has been told by her kooky husband to attend "mommy classes" taught by Scientology "handlers."

"There are parenting classes," a Scientology source confirms.

"Katie Holmes was quite offended by that," the source tells Us Weekly.

"Can you imagine when you're 28 and have your first child to be told you need to go to this church to become a better mom?"

Holmes now finds herself surrounded by fellow Scientologists, an exception being Victoria Beckham, who one Hollywood insider describes as "her link to the outside world."

Wow. We've talked before about Holmes' battle and how she is a prisoner without bars. But when Victoria Beckham is your link to the outside world ... that's pretty f*%ked up.

From the time TomKat began dating, the actress - who, pre-Tom Cruise, did interviews without a publicist - has been assigned a Scientology "minder," whose job, according to a Scientology expert, is "to make sure that nothing is said or done that would be critical of the church."

In fact, virtually everyone on the couple's staff is a member of the Church of Scientology.

"Everyone who works with Tom is technically minding Katie," a source dished.

So why does Katie stay? What will Suri Cruise's life be like growing up as a Scientologist? What did Tom's ex, Nicole Kidman, think about all this?

Only time will tell, celebrity gossip followers. Only time will tell.

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Are you sick of reading about David Beckham nude yet?

Even if you're not (the guy does have a killer bod, after all), it's hard not to have interest piqued by the though of Kristine Lefebvre naked.

The fired contestant from this season's Apprentice will be making like Holly Madison and posing in the June issue of Playboy. But that doesn't mean she's giving up her day job.

"I'm still and will continue to be a practicing attorney," she said to TV Guide. "I hope to use Apprentice and Playboy to put a face on cervical cancer. Now that there is a vaccine for it, it just seems that people should be aware of its ramifications."

She'll obviously be putting more than just a face on the disease.

Lefebvre, 37, a Los Angeles lawyer who has negotiated Playboy deals for Pamela Anderson and Deborah Gibson, is a cervical cancer survivor. Moreover, she credits The Apprentice for helping her dig out of a post-illness depression. "I'm in a state of elation now," Lefebvre says, "The Apprentice truly gave me my life back and I couldn't be happier."

It was only a year ago when Lefebvre was devastated by the hysterectomy she needed to treat her cancer â€" which took away her chance for a much-wanted biological child. Then, six weeks before she joined the show, an adoption she and husband Ludovic Lefebvre had hoped for fell through.

Looking back on the earliest Apprentice episodes, even Kristine was surprised to see how "sunken" she appeared.

Now, she and her husband have been approved for an adoption in China and she's hoping to use the Playboy money to finance a surrogate for the 10 frozen embryos she harvested before her surgery. It's a cause we can certainly admire, more so than whatever reason a nude Sean Stewart had for getting naked on a beach.

Finally, despite being fired by Donald Trump, she and the billionaire "have a great relationship [of] mutual respect." And Trump agrees: "I think Playboy has very good taste."

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Cameron Diaz may want to enter the world of online shopping.

While enjoying what started as a peaceful day of shopping in New York City, Diaz stopped by Lounge, SoHo's huge ass shopping emporium, to amp up her summer wardrobe.

Cam Diaz

Fresh off a breakup with Justin Timberlake and a possible fling with Kelly Slater, the 34-year-old actress was happily browsing the racks for dresses, shoes, and jewelry when she was startled by a mass of paparazzi.

The photographers had entered Lounge's back entrance on Mercer Street and instantly swarmed her, flashing their bulbs like madmen.

"Cameron totally freaked out, screamed, and dropped the items she was going to purchase," a witness tells Us Weekly.

The star of There's Something About Mary, wearing little to no makeup, decided to hightail it through Lounge's Casablanca Tea Room and Bar and slipped out the back door.

Let's just say that as she bolted, the actress looked a little less hot than she does in these sexy Cameron Diaz photos.

Adds the witness:

"She couldn't even get 5 minutes of shopping in before she was running, full speed to get away as fast as she could."

She's got some wheels. This girl runs away from paparazzi faster than Nicole Richie bolts at the nearest sight of food. Tragic, that.

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There wasn't very much gold on Dancing with the Stars.

As a result, we doubt Heather Mills cared very much when she was voted off the reality show last night. After all, what was she supposed to dig?

Chaz Waves

Of course, the one-legged wonder couldn't leave the spotlight quietly. After host Tom Bergeron and his sidekick Samantha Harris announced the results, the attention-seeing ex-wife of Paul McCartney actually pulled out a prepared exit speech.

In it, she thanked the academy (funny one, Heather!!!) and then set a new bar for condescending remarks by telling viewers that "once the dancers go out they're not paid." And promised her partner, Jonathon Roberts, that she would "try to get him some great work."

Just to remind the money-grubbing former call girl: a) these dancers rake in cash just to appear on Dancing with the Stars; we'd estimate at least 1ooK/each; b) Roberts is a well-respected, highly-trained professional dancer. The guy can make money on his own, thanks very much.

Look, Dancing Heather Mills, why don't you let Nude Heather Mills get back to what she does best: Bending over for money.

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Johnny Knoxville.

This is a man who's wandered around Japan in a Panda suit, taunted wild animals, offended the public more than Borat and sparked widespread controversy for kids copying his nutty stunts.

Johnny Knoxville and Naomi Nelson

Yet somehow the Josh Duhamel look-alike is making headlines for wearing a T-shirt mocking his agent.

Johnny Knoxville, 36, wore a crass, but amusing t-shirt on April 23 while at a birthday lunch with his agent at the hot L.A. eatery, Mr. Chow. The agent is pictured here, and on the shirt (which speaks for itself, really).

Of course, the always tactful jackass and Bam Margera cohort has been bombarded with questions as to what sartorial statement he meant to make by wearing this shirt. Is he worried people will think he's homophobic?

His response to Us Weekly's inquiry:

"Me? Homophobic? Because I use the word 'homo' on a shirt?! Puh-lease! ... In the group I run with, 'homo' is a term of endearment."

"It's a compliment. I mean you've seen Jackass, right? The hot pants, the oiled young men, the rainbows? Me calling somebody homo is like Weeman calling someone short."

O... K. Not entirely sure what he's talking about, but it's clear Johnny meant no harm... and his agent doesn't exactly appear to have taken offense.

In other words, let's let jackasses be jackasses (so to speak) and not make a Kelly Ripa-Clay Aiken style situation out of nothing here. Although we're sure Rosie O'Donnell will try.

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Kim Kardashian nude? Yawn.

Who hasn't seen that image at this point?

Vanessa Willams Image

Fortunately for men everywhere, however, the next issue of Allure magazine features a pictorial called "Look Better Naked" that showcases some lesser known - albeit extremely attractive - actresses and singers.

Let's start with Vanessa Williams. The current supporting player on Ugly Betty, Williams was actually Tara Conner before there was a Tara Conner: she had her Miss USA crown taken away after naked photos were discovered. But she's back in the nude game now!

Also taking off her clothes in the publication is former West Wing co-star and Broadway actress, Kristin Chenoweth. She's giving a whole new meaning to the term "wicked" here.

Finally, Carla Gugino nude is a sight Vince Chase is probably yearning to see. The rough and tough beauty has taken over for Jeremy Piven's character, Ari, as the agent on Entourage in the early parts of this season.

So there you have it. A few lovely ladies are showing the world that Tricia Helfer nude photos don't have a monopoly on male attention spans.

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Dannielynn may soon have company in the land of troubled tykes.

Despite the fact that Eddie Murphy has denied fathering her baby, former Spice Girl Melanie Brown has named her new daughter Angel Iris Murphy Brown... in honor of the comedian.

Peepshow Performer

"Melanie spent a while deciding on the baby's name," a friend of the singer tells People magazine. "It was inspired by a number of things."

On Tuesday - before meeting up with other Spice Girls - Brown, who lives in Los Angeles, explained the name in a brief statement released through her London reps.

"Angel, as she was my little angel through my pregnancy," she said. "Iris, as it's my grandma's name, Murphy because [Eddie Murphy] is the dad and Brown because I'm the mum!"

Angel Iris is the second child for the former Scary Spice. She has an 8-year-old daughter, Phoenix Chi, with her ex-husband, dancer Jimmy Gulzar.

In March, Murphy's new girlfriend, film producer Tracey Edmonds, told Chicago's Power 92 radio station of Murphy: "There'll be a paternity test and if it's his then he'll be responsible."

Once that takes place, we just hope Eddie takes the sort of action that Larry Birkhead has so notable followed through on.

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It is time, yet again, for The Hollywood Gossip's recap of last night's episode (#4) of The Bachelor on ABC.

As usual, the Sports Gal will do the honors. The wife of's The Sports Guy (a.k.a. Bill Simmons) does a tremendous job of blogging the adventures of Andy Baldwin, so why mess with a good thing.

Jake Pavelka and Vienna Girardi Picture

The drama only intensified last night as Andy Baldwin bid farewell to not one, not two, but three aspiring trophy wives who don't seem to mind that this Navy diver and doctor has no sense of humor whatsoever.

Guess with abs like these, who needs jokes? Anyway. Take it away, Sports Gal!


On Jimmy Kimmel last week, Andy Baldwin came off like someone who had two glasses of champagne at an office party, forgot to eat anything, then ran into his boss and tried to be outgoing and crack jokes, only he came off like a rambling, brain-damaged goofball.

Jimmy Kimmel tried to rescue The Bachelor, but finally just started teasing him at the end. He apparently never had a chance to test his comedy chops growing up in Amish country.

Follow this link to continue reading the Sports Gal's recap of The Bachelor ...

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Nick Lachey is a lucky man.

He's seen Jessica Simpson nude - and that was before she made herself all disheveled and and dyed her previously beautiful blonde hair.

Totally Smitten

After their break-up, Nick hopped aboard the cutie pie dating train, nailing Kristin Cavallari and then Kourtney Kardashian (yes, that's the sister of Kim Kardashian).

Finally, as we all know by now, Lachey settled on the adorable hostess of MTV's Total Request Live, Vanessa Minnillo. She even recently moved in to his Los Angeles apartment.

The Hollywood Gossip staff couldn't be happier for what seems like a genuinely nice guy. Especially after we saw these pictures of Minnillo, half nude, in lingerie and looking mighty fine. 

Meanwhile, Jessica is walking around in ridiculously high pants. We think you made the right choice, Nick.

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If you can't beat 'em (with an umbrella), join 'em.

Britney Spears is fighting back against the paparazzi... by contacting her fans via e-mail lists and asking them to "sneak up on their friends and photograph them."

Brit and Rugrats

In other words, become paparazzi themselves.

Britney Spears is holding a fantasy photo contest through her Internet fan club where fans can submit photos of their friends and family to try and win a Video iPod - signed by the former Mrs. Kevin Federline herself.

The contest is a promotion for her new fragrance "Midnight Fantasy." The product came out earlier this year, right around the time when Britney shaved her head and went absolutely batsh!t.

Britney Spears' pitch to her fans:

"Share what happens to you when the clock strikes 12 ... where are you? Who is with you? Pay attention to yourself - what are you doing? How do you feel? Savor every last detail and when you think you have it down, recreate the perfect moment and capture it as best you can in a digital photograph."

Oh, and by the way, no images containing nudity, obscenity or violent depictions are permitted. A little hypocritical, coming from the crotch shot queen, no?

Anyway, a belly-baring Britney was spotted leaving Millennium Dance Complex last night, showing off both her bad fashion sense and her rock hard abs.

No complaints about the miniskirt and fishnets, which make Brit's legs look like Haley Scarnato's, but what's with the Paula Abdul style wig? Come on girl, get it together.

Still, it's good to see Brit's dance classes are paying off a little in the fitness department. That weight from carrying Jayden James and scarfing 19 tons of pork rinds isn't gonna burn itself off... and liposuction just isn't that healthy.

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