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Move over, Hilary Duff.

You're not the only one with a stalker in town.

Photograph Us!

The Hollywood Gossip has learned the full details behind the insane stalking that allegedly took place last weekend, in which a crazy lady attempted to harm Sandra Bullock and her husband, Jesse James at their home in Orange County, Calf.

Orange County Sheriff's spokesman Jim Amormino tells Us Weekly:

"On several occasions before this incident [the actress and her husband] found [Marcia Valentine] lying in front of their garage door. On [the morning of] Sunday, April 22 around 10:30 a.m., Jesse James went out and asked her to leave."

"She yelled some obscenities at James, who did not have a cell phone in his hand. When she saw that he did not have a phone, she went to her car. She threw the car in reverse in his direction. He attempted to move out of the way and she kept moving the vehicle. She attempted to run him over 3-4 times. She then drove off on Pacific Coast Highway."

"James called police and told them that he did not know this woman. He then gave them a detailed description [of her] to the police - she drove a silver Mercedes with a white decal on the rear. He described her as a 5'4 white female."

According to Amormino, Jesse James later picked Valentine out of a line-up after she was captured and arrested after she was pulled over by police.

"We searched the area at the time of the incident, but did not locate her. The next morning, we searched the area and spotted her car. We pulled the vehicle over and called James, who then did an in-field lineup where he positively identified her."

"The case was sent over to the Orange County D.A.'s office where Marcia Valentine might be facing other charges besides assault with a deadly weapon. Bail was set at $25,000 and she bailed out. She lives in nearby Huntington Beach and she due back on May 22."

Unlike the crazy lady who stalks both John Cusack and Tom Cruise, or the wackjob who harrassed Bullock last year, Valentine has no previous police record and has no other restraining orders against her in Los Angeles County.

We're glad Sandra Bullock and her husband are alright. But on a lighter note, THIS is how you stalk, people! No emails or crank calls - but LIVE harassment culminating multiple attempts to run over the husband of your target!

Maksim Miakovsky, take note.

Heck, we haven't seen Bullock involved in this much reckless driving since she starred in Speed. Keanu Reeves? Rolling over in grave.

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Lost amidst the debate over whether or not Howard K. Stern is a murderer is this fact:

Granted, Virgie doesn't get naked and bend over (thank goodness) to milk money from rich, famous husbands. But she does try to deny the father of a baby custody to his child so she can profit off the death of her daughter. That ain't so nice, either.

Not Bothered

Indeed, TMZ has learned Arthur has filed an appeal, attempting to block the ability of Larry Birkhead ability to take baby Dannielynn to the U.S.

The crazy, selfish, money-hungry mother of Anna Nicole Smith has objected to a judge's ruling allowing Birkhead to take his little girl to the States, providing that he returns with his baby for a June 9 custody hearing.

Arthur's appeal is unusual to say the least - after all, she is a grandmother who herself lives in the U.S. Ironically, she is the one who argued that Anna and her son be buried in Texas and not the Bahamas. Now, she wants Dannielynn to stay in the Bahamas.

There will be public court hearing tomorrow. But there's a response from The Hollywood Gossip staff right now: Virgie makes a baked bean-throwing Hugh Grant look rational.

** Update: Hours after we ran this post, a Bahamian judge denied Virgie's appeal, calling it "weak" and ordering her to pay $3,000 in attorney's fees for wasting the court's time.

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How does a woman known solely for her giant boobs and attractive appearance react when photographers wish to catch her pregnant, disheveled and wearing multi-colored sunglasses?

In the case of Katie Price, she tries to hide behind a shopping bag.

Katie Price, Underwear

But cameras still managed to snap a shot of this reality TV star, who portrays herself, alongside husband Peter Andre in the show Katie and Peter. We think she looks okay, at least compared to the scary dude in the background.

Aside from this unwanted picture being taken, Price is probably upset that she didn't rank on the Sexiest Woman Alive poll conducted by the British version of FHM magazine - especially when that teenager, Hayden Panettiere somehow managed to claim the sixth spot.

But maybe Katie can take solace in this: our celebrity gossip staff agrees that you're hotter than Victoria Beckham. A lot hotter.

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The amazing Britney Spears showed up at a tanning salon in Beverly Hills today looking better than ever. Okay, not entirely. Okay, not at all. Check out the pop princess' ridiculous getup:

Britney, Jayden

We're starting to wonder if she's lost her marbles as well as any sort of fashion sense. Who the hell goes out in public dressed like this?

Just when we thought laughing at a Kevin Federline music video was as much fun as we were going to have all day, Britney one-ups FedEx yet again. No wonder Jayden James is never seen out in public with mom. Would you want to be?

Let's run down Britney Spears' "look," shall we?

  • Ratty brown wig
  • No bra
  • Pre-school style jumper
  • Motel 6 gift shop straw hat
  • Elvis sunglasses
  • No pants
  • Bag big enough for Sean Preston
  • Hello Kitty keychain

Yeah. Maybe Suge Knight is right and Britney really is an underdog. One who shops at a thrift store.

Man, and we thought the fashion police had their hands full with Molly Sims.

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British readers of FHM recently voted Hayden Panettiere #6 on their Sexiest Women Alive list... despite the fact that the Heroes actress is only 17.

Sure, she's cute, and her TV cheerleader uniform begs for attention. But placing an underage starlet high on what essentially is a "what chicks do you most want to see involved in some tawdry, possibly nude girl-on-girl action" list seems a little weird, doesn't it?

Out and About with HP

After all, she's not of legal age for another 116 days and 9 hours. We're guessing. Really.

We'd love to get Stephen Colletti's thoughts on the matter. The former star of MTV's Laguna Beach (and boyfriend of the even hotter, and more legal Kristin Cavallari) has been dating Hayden since last year.

We're sure Hayden has great brains and personality, but what's it like knowing you can't legally hit that, Steve?

Hayden can at least take solace that she beat her nemesis Lindsay Lohan on the list... and that she isn't getting punked... at least we don't think she is.

And maybe we should give the Brits a break. Apparently, the age for legal content in the UK is 16. So this post is pretty much pointless.

Oh well, at least you got to see another Hayden Panettiere photo, right?

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At our weekly staff meeting this morning, the celebrity gossip writers at The Hollywood Gossip collectively decided that we don't ridicule Kevin Federline enough.

That may seem hard to believe, but since Britney Spears went bonkers, we've been forced to laud K-Fed's efforts as a father and focus on what a decent fellow he really is at heart.

Assault Weapons Ban

But that doesn't mean we can't continue to mock his music "career." Anyone even remember when he was trying to be a rapper? His first performance told it all, it seems. Predictably, it was a short-lived venture. One replete with awful music.

We bring this up not only because K-Fed's entry into the music biz is unintentional comedy at its best, but because we've learned that the one and only Spencer Pratt (yes, the Devil himself) has a cameo in his music video for "Lose Control."

Here's the video for "Lose Control," as rapped by the self-proclaimed America's Most Hated. Laugh, enjoy, and look for Spencer Pratt - another guy America has come to love to hate (on The Hills) - around the 49-second mark.


Special thanks to for the tip about Spencer Pratt appearing in this masterful, legendary work of hip-hop art.

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As far as the celebrity gossip - and, apparently, hard news - world was concerned, the announcement that Rosie O'Donnell was leaving The View was treated with the sort of attention usually reserved for the possibility of Britney Spears nude.

"Yesterday's announcement was a tad bit bigger than I expected," Rosie said as co-host Joy Behar read off a lengthy list of news programs that had discussed O'Donnell's departure.

Rosie Picture

"I just didn't watch it," O'Donnell said about the widespread TV coverage. "Once you buy into it, it becomes lodged in the hard drive of your brain. [But] to be breaking news on CNN?"

The attention-hungry host had a point. There are more important issues in the world, such as the Iraq war and the post-plastic surgery photos of Heidi Montag.

Instead, she said, after leaving the studio on Wednesday, 65 press crews were "attacking [my] car like I'm Lindsay Lohan or something."

O'Donnell also swept aside anything Donald Trump had to say about her, leaving it to Behar to discuss the remarks he made Wednesday.

"He went on every show and said we're irrelevant," said Behar, who was also personally attacked by The Apprentice star. "He said I have no talent. But that's okay, I know I have talent."

At least the show tried to make other news this week. It had that daughter-loving fool, Alec Baldwin, on the program.

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Jessica Simpson will soon be hosting an event with them.

And Nicole Scherzinger is their best known member.

But for now, Asia Nitollano is commanding the attention for The Pussycat Dolls. That's what happens when you conquer other wanna-be dancers/singers on. The Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll.

Buddy TV sat down with the recent winner ...

For those that might not know, how did you end up being on the show and what exactly inspired you to try out to be the Next Doll?
Well I've wanted to be a performer since I was a little girl. I've been dancing and singing my whole life, so that's my dream. And then when I heard of the opportunity, that they were having auditions for another member, I went straight for it. You know, anything to complete my dream.

Throughout the competition you talked a lot about your daughter being your inspiration. Did you ever have second thoughts while you were actually in the midst of the competition?
I mean, of course you always have your doubts and everything, but you always have to keep going and never give up, you know, that's how you get anywhere.

You and Melissa R. were definitely at each other's throats [in the season finale]. Was there always tension between you two throughout the competition, and why do you think things seemed to escalate as much as it did when it came down to the wire?

I mean obviously the fight didn't happen until the end of the show. There was no real tension before that. I mean, it was a stressful situation. It was a competition. You know, we all had different emotions and you know it was in the heat of the moment. We got into an argument just like how any group of friends would, or your brothers and sisters would, and then you get over it afterwards.

So do you keep in touch with any of the girls from the show still?

Yes I do. The girls are great. They're all really great people. I really became close with Brittany and Melissa S. You know we speak all the time and I speak to Jamie and Mariela and you know, the other girls we text message each other. We still maintain a relationship.

So how much pressure were you feeling going into your final performances?
Oh, it was so scary. Especially being one of the final three you know, because you know that you're that close and it could be any one of you at this point. And you know, you just…you want to hit it, you want to nail it; you don't want to regret anything. So I was pretty happy with how things went.

After you did your solo performance, how confident did you feel about your chances of actually wining the competition?

I always had confidence throughout the whole competition but I also knew that the other girls were really great competitors and were talented as well. So I knew it could be any man's game, and you know, whoever won would have been deserving.

There's a lot of anticipation waiting for the judges to make their final decision. What was going through your mind during that time period?

I was just thinking of all the people that I love, you know, my daughter, my mom, my family. And I was just praying that it was me that won. You know, I didn't want to deal with any more rejection. I just wanted to win it, you know?

So how did it feel on stage performing for the first time officially as a Pussycat Doll?

It felt great. You know that's what I came there to do. I couldn't wait to get on the stage with those girls and I'm happy I had the opportunity just to be next to these talented, beautiful women. And it was an honor.

Can you tell us what's in store for you now? What happens now that you've become the newest member of The Pussycat Dolls? What can fans expect?
I really don't know what's going to happen next. I just won. I'm taking it all in and I'm excited so we'll be speaking with the label in a few and we'll see what happens from there.

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We're gonna go ahead and blame Josh Duhamel for the awful fashion choices of certain beautiful women.

First, we commented on the appearance of his girlfriend Fergie in her doily embroided outfit. Simply hideous.

Mugler Shot

Now, take a look below at Duhamel's Las Vegas co-star, Molly Sims. The model is gorgeous ... but more so in a bikini or mini-skirt than this wanna-be French maid look.

Bear in mind, we're celebrity gossip experts, not celebrity fashion gurus. But it doesn't take an experienced eye studying what's supposedly "in" this season for us to make snap judgments.

The skeletal look of Nicole Richie, for instance, will never be chic.

Jenna Fischer nude, however? We'll never find fault with that.

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As celebrity gossip goes, this is amusing.

As celebrity arrests go, it's contending with Eve for today's best.

Hugh Grant Mug Shot

Hugh Grant was arrested for throwing a container of baked beans at a paparazzi member... who also alleges that Hugh kicked him and stated he hopes his children die of cancer.

It all started when the photographer was in a London neighborhood trying to take photos of Elizabeth Hurley. She lives near Hugh, and they're on good terms even though they're broken up and she's married to Arun Nayar.

When Hugh showed up at her place one recent afternoon, the photographed asked him to smile for the cameras and that's when he freaked out.

Grant was arrested and taken to the police station for questioning.

He was later released. While there's little doubt that the bean-hucking incident took place (see photo), Grant's rep said that the Love Actually star didn't make those comments about the photographer's children.

Baked beans... that's a new one. At least he didn't use an umbrella. Maybe he and fellow food-thrower Pete Doherty can get together and cook up a nice meal.

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