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There's even more to love about Heidi Montag than there was Monday.


Signing Autograph

The Hollywood Gossip has learned that the cute, vivacious, judgment-challenged star of The Hills has undergone breast augmentation surgery at the Beverly Hills, Calif., office of plastic surgeon Dr. Frank Ryan.

We repeat, Heidi Montag has breast implants

Sources say Montag, the estranged BFF of Lauren Conrad, had been contemplating the procedure for several years now and just recently decided to go under the knife.

You go, girl.

An aspiring singer who is recording a pop album with record producer David Foster for release later this year, waited to have the procedure done until after The Hills' Season 2 concluded.

The show's finale, which aired Monday, showed Heidi Montag moving out of the apartment she shared with Lauren, to live with her boyfriend, Spencer Pratt.

That guy sucks. It's puzzling, in many ways, why Heidi Montag would get bigger boobs, since she already dates the biggest one in SoCal. Zing. Audrina Patridge, meanwhile, has moved in with LC.

"Heidi just doesn't want to make a big deal out of it," says a source close to the star. "She did this for herself, and she's hoping to keep it as private as possible."

We've learned Heidi is recovering well, but she couldn't be reached for comment. We hope she gets well soon. And dumps that ass Spencer Pratt.

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The Hollywood Gossip has already been receiving hate mail regarding Tameka Foster.

For whatever reason, many readers feel as though this stylist simply isn't good enough for singing - and abdominal - sensation, Usher. With that already being the case, we're afraid to see how fans will respond to this news:

Usher and Tameka Foster in a Car

Foster, who already has three children and is recently divorced from her first husband Ryan Glover, is allegedly four months pregnant with his Glover's child. It's like the case of Salma Hayek ... only Tameka isn't marrying François-Henri Pinault or even her baby's daddy at all.

Usher and Foster were reunited in February after a brief split. His spokeswoman announced the engagement a few weeks ago, while a source claims the hasty proposal took place due to the pregnancy.

We have no idea. But we do wonder if this will be a Dannielynn-like situation and if Usher will claim the child as his own. Stay tuned to find out.

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Everyone knows there are some things you just don't wanna be called.

Would Allegra Versace want to be called fat? Well, maybe. Okay, bad example.

A Cute Girl

One can certainly understand, however, why the lovely Hayden Panettiere took issue and flipped out after being mistaken for that whoremonger Lindsay Lohan last night.

TMZ staffers spotted the Heroes cheerleader leaving the Hollywood hotspot L Scorpion last night with co-stars Milo Ventimiglia and Leonard Roberts.

That's when a confused onlooker shouted out, "Give 'em hell, Lindsay!"

When one of the members of the paparazzi reiterated the fan's mistake, a huffy Hayden Panettiere yelled back, "Don't ever call me that again!"

Wow. Lindsay Lohan, you just got owned. Good think Hilary Duff would no longer be as offended under similar circumstances.

Check out the video of Hayden tweaking at TMZ by clicking here.

After the initial skirmish, the fan didn't hear Hayden clearly and uttered the name of Dina Lohan's daughter yet again! But fortunately, before Hayden could berate the fan a second time, a cameraman screamed a string of choice obscenities to the confused Lohan fan.

No word on whether Rumer Willis was there.

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Everyone's weighing in on the phenomenon that is American Idol.

That includes the feisty Rose McGowan, who recently revealed her favorite contestant.

Rose McGowan Photograph

The pick: Sanjaya Malakar.
The reason: "He's horrible!"

That pretty much sums it up right there.

According to TMZ, Rose McGowan was recently spotted at LAX, where some dumb cameramen confused the sultry, clad-in-black Grindhouse starlet for Angelina Jolie.

This amused the light-heated McGowan, who used to date Marilyn Manson.

When asked if she was into American Idol, she confessed that she's pulling for that "funny Indian kid" to win this season, and she loves him because "he's so horrible, he's great."

This is in contrast to Idol host Ryan Seacrest, who picked Jordin Sparks because, you know, she's actually talented. But hey, to each their own.

McGowan's advice to Sanjaya Malakar going forward: "Keep on keepin' on with your bad voice and bad hair, America loves it."

Not to mention the fried chicken.

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You'd think the life of Caleigh Peters would be easy. Pretty face, goddaughter of Barbara Streisand. What could ever go wrong, right?

Well, first of all, she appears to be dating Sean Stewart. The pair was spotted exiting Hollywood hot spot, Koi, last night. He may be a nice guy and all - bur Caleigh has probably seen him nude and that's gross.

Aside from dating trouble, Peters finds herself in a legal dust-up with a Deal or No Deal model. TMZ has obtained a restraining order filed by Laura Mary Shields - the babe who opens case #22 - against Caleigh, claiming:

"I have already been physically and verbally attacked in a public place and I'm scared if I see her again she will attack me."

That's the same feeling many rich men have after an encounter with Heather Mills.

Shields claims Peters "approached me violently at a restaurant and threw water over me and then a glass at my head which shattered everywhere."

Shields adds, "She verbally assaulted me and physically (sic) and I'm now in emotional distress."

Stewart, reportedly, witnessed the alleged attack. He's also seen Randy Spelling do a lot of dumb stuff.

Despite the order being filed, Peter had this to say about it last night: "Laura and I are fine. We spoke, everything's ok, it was all a big misunderstanding and I wish Laura Shields the best."

Soon enough, these two will be just like Lindsay Lohan and Hilary Duff.

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Some celebs, such as Allegra Versace, are consumed with anorexia.

Others, such as Valerie Bertinelli, best known for her 1975-84 sitcom One Day at a Time, have got some different, but still exciting career news to share with us:

She's fat.

As a result, she's got a new role - joining fellow fattie Kirstie Alley as the new celebrity face - and body - for Jenny Craig.

The 5'2" Bertinelli, who turns 47 this month, vows to lose 30 pounds by September (from a size 14 to a size 8).

Going public with her goal "is the motivation I need," Bertinelli says. "I need to do this in front of millions of people so I can't mess up."

And Valerie Bertinelli is not shy about it, adding: "It is freeing because I can say it first: I know what you're thinking, I'm fat."

She's a good role model for Jennifer Hudson.

Poor thing.

Bertinelli says that Alley, who has maintained her 75-pound downsizing, also offered some advice:

"She said, 'Even if Wolfie [the 16-year-old son of Bertinelli and her ex, rehabbing Hall of Fame rocker Eddie Van Halen] wants to go to In-N-Out Burger, don't do it, because paparazzi will photograph you!'"

Freaking pararazzi. Just ask Justin Timberlake about those bastards...
The Jenny Craig campaign, for which Bertinelli will shoot a new ad every month as she shrinks, represents a major step back into the public eye for the mom whose last big TV role was on Touched by an Angel in 2003.

"Wolf is my priority," she says of her son. "I was a Hollywood hermit."

If only Britney Spears felt that strongly about Jayden James.

Although Bertinelli remains guarded about her current weight, her boyfriend Tom Vitale has been supportive of her. Which is nice, because she's focused on her goals.

"I don't know how my size, 14, has become obese while size 0 is normal," she says. "It's insane. I'm not even going for a size 6. I'll be happy with an 8."

We'll be happy (and shocked) if Nicole Richie makes it to age 30.

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Aaron Carter, who?

That's the response now of two of Hollywood's most famous young females, each of whom dated the boy band singer for reasons unknown.

Lohan and Ronson Nightcap

At club Les Deux over the weekend, witnesses spotted Lindsay Lohan hugging it out with former rival, Hilary Duff. The source of their feud had been the younger Carter brother.

The bad blood began long before Lohan started doing James Blunt and every other guy in California:

In 2005, Carter appeared on the talk show The Big Idea With Donny Deutsch and told the host:

"I started dating Hilary on my 13th birthday... I was dating her for like a year-and-a-half and then I just got a little bored so I went and I started getting to know Lindsay, dating Lindsay."

Yes, Aaron the entire free world understands what "getting to know" Lindsay means. Brody Jenner certain does, at least.

At the club, though, the girls got reacquainted and found someone else to scorn: Paris Hilton.

A source told Us Weekly, "They were making fun of Paris!"

This makes them very different than anyone at The Hollywood Gossip, of course.

Meanwhile, Aaron Carter has finally moved on from this pair. He's completely in love with Kaci Brown.

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Fashion icons battling eating disorders? Stop the presses!

Allegra Versace (below, left) is the latest to be completely consumed by anorexia, says her mother, Donatella Versace (below, right). Collectively, we just have to say, after looking at this pic: yuck! Lindsay Lohan calls herself a skinny bitch, but she's got nothing on these corpses.

Allegra Versace Photo

On Wednesday, Donatella Versace described her 20-year-old daughter's situation, saying Allegra "is very ill... anorexia is consuming her and we are very worried. However, the doctors are doing all they can to snatch her away from this cruel disease and we have faith in them."

Hey, doctors did a pretty good job snatching Britney Spears from insanity, bulimia, depression and alcoholism earlier this year, so there's hope yet!

Of course, the Nicole Richie death watch is picking up steam.

Allegra Versace, who inherited half of her uncle, Gianni Versace's $600 million fashion empire at the age of 18, had been studying fashion in New York and was planning to follow in her father's footsteps.

That is, until she appeared to look like Kate Bosworth rail thin in recent photographs. She is currently being treated in a specialist clinic.

Pleading for respect from the press, Donatella Versace claims her daughter has suffered from the eating disorder for years.

"For some time the situation has become worse and that is why we decided to place her in a designated specialized clinic where she is receiving the best possible treatment," says Donatella Versace, who never fake tans and hasn't had any plastic surgery at all.

"Please think of us and respect our pain. Many mothers will know well what I am going through and what my daughter is risking."

We suggest they call Keith Richards for a consult ASAP.

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Maybe Keith Richards isn't as hard as we thought he was.

Just hours after the Internet lit up with his claim that he'd snorted the ashes of his own father mixed with cocaine, his manager told MTV that it wasn't true.

According to Jane Rose, in an email message, Richards' father-ingesting comment was "Said in jest... Can't believe anyone took [it] seriously."

Not like someone could be blamed for believing him. It's as if Britney Spears said she went clubbing in no pants, then took it back the next day and wondered what the fuss was about.

Yesterday, Keith Richards added to his own self-medicating legend by telling NME:

"The strangest thing I've tried to snort? My father. I snorted my father."

"He was cremated and I couldn't resist grinding him up with a little bit of blow. My dad wouldn't have cared ... It went down pretty well, and I'm still alive."

Thankfully, Tara Conner got herself into rehab before she hit the point where she tried to snort any relatives.

Regardless, the somehow-still-alive Rolling Stones guitarist is in great spirits of late, and is set to make a cameo in the upcoming conclusion of the Pirates of the Caribbean trilogy.

He'll play the father of Johnny Depp's character, Jack Sparrow, who Depp says is based in part on Richards.

Seems like good casting on the producers' part. It's hardly a mystery that Depp, who dated Kate Moss and was engaged to Winona Ryder, used to snort all kinds of things as well.

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We could imagine Spencer Pratt grabbing random women's breasts. The guy is a major loser.

But Ron Jeremy? This is a man who truly may have seen more boobs than any male in the history of the world.

Nevertheless, TMZ reports that the legendary porn star could face battery charges after a woman filed a police report claiming Ron copped an unwanted feel, and then signed her cleavage without permission.

The alleged incident occurred Saturday during the Exotica porn convention in Miami Beach. According to the police report, Leslie Sanchez approached Jeremy for an autograph, with her husband in tow.

Sanchez - who obviously entertains Kim Kardashian-like dreams to be in attendance in the first place - and her husband claim Jeremy was happy to oblige, but then he allegedly "reached towards the victim and stuck his hands under victim's blouse."

Sanchez then claims Jeremy "reached inside her bra and grabbed her nipple. He pulled the nipple up and took out victim's breast and signed his name on it."

According to the police report, Sanchez "never gave Ron Jeremy permission to touch her." Sanchez also claims she has photos of the incident, which would probably prompt Victoria Beckham to flaunt her cleavage even more, lest attention go to anyone else's chest.

TMZ spoke with Jeremy who vigorously denied any wrongdoing.

"First of all, there was security around me at all times. If they had a problem, why wouldn't they have said something at that point? I probably signed about 150 boobs that weekend, all of which I sign 'RJ with a heart' and if I would've touched a breast, I might have cupped it while I signed.

Rules of the convention were that you can not expose a breast, so I never did. And if this was a couple, I always ask permission of the male to sign the breast before I do it. Some people waited an hour for me to sign their breast. My line was second only to Jenna Jameson's."

So far, no charges have been filed against Jeremy. And we hope none ever are. The man may have a lot of sex, but this is no Jason Wahler. Ron isn't a criminal.

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