Orlando Bloom Talks Religion, Career, Fame

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Amazingly, the life of Orlando Bloom may be as interesting as his career onscreen. At 13, he found out his father was actually not his biological father. At 21, he fell three floors off a balcony and broke his back, only to walk out of the hospital 12 days later.

He once spent three weeks riding an icebreaker headed to Antarctica, and more than a year and a half riding Kate Bosworth! He also went on a date with Kirsten Dunst, briefly forming one of the best celeb couple names in Doom.

NOrlando Bloom

In the May issue of Details, the 30-year old Orlando Bloom opens about his career, religion, his rise to fame, and a whole lot more...

On learning that his dad was not his biological father:
"Think about that. Think about finding out when you're 13 that your dad is not your dad. It's like, okay, take it on the chin and keep going. No choice, really."

THG NOTE: Suri Cruise can take this to heart one day, when she learns that her biological father is not the great Tom Cruise, but rather some random Asian guy Katie Holmes knows.

On being told by doctors that he might never walk again:
"For four days I was thinking this was it, that I would be living my life in a wheelchair, and then I thought, no, and I knew I would walk. I just knew." 

On being famous:
"There's all this noise that happens. I was 22 when I starred in The Lord of the Rings. Nobody tells you what it is like to be famous. There's no guidebook, you know what I mean?"

THG NOTE: Britney Spears knows exactly what you mean.

On starring in Kingdom of Heaven:
"When you're [almost] 27 years old and Fox greenlights a movie with a budget of $150 million with you as the headliner, that's a tribute. And then all the press afterward was like I hadn't come through, like I hadn't delivered. But what did I not come through on?"

On his career:
"I have the patience to trust my own journey. Life is going to unfold as it should because life always does. If I'm true to myself, then all the rest is like, f--k it, man."

On being a Buddhist:
"The philosophy that I've embraced isn't about sitting under a tree and studying my navel, it's about studying what is going on in my daily life and using that as fuel to go and live a bigger life. When your girlfriend dumps you, when the bill comes through the door, and your mom calls you and tells you she can't handle the stuff in her life - that's hell, but that's just one world. If you are aware of what is going on, then you can grow and use that hunger, that fear."

On his filming two trilogies back-to-back:
"I've been white-knuckling it for so long. Between Lord of the Rings and [Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End], I've been going non-stop ... So now, on a personal level, I just want some time and space from everything, from all that; from the environment and the phone and the communication."

On spending three weeks aboard a Norwegian icebreaker bound for Antarctica:
"I felt isolated and vulnerable and I just had all this time to think. I just had time to read and think and I figured out that this moment is when I can use everything that I've done to my advantage, to choose a great project, to do something great and take a risk. I'm looking around and going, I cannot f--king believe how lucky I've been - [Pirates of the Caribbean] has afforded me the luxury of choice, and with it comes responsibility but also freedom."


Why the comments focus on his religion? :-/
Fanatics is really a NERD for real.. Living on their own world, not accept others or differences.. Starting war by God's name.. How scaaryyyy! XD


I'm praying for him 2 find Jesus Christ!:) I need 2 meet him 2 info. him about God,Jesus,the true meaning of Easter and Christmas, ect.!!!I do NOT want one of Gods most beautiful people to go to hell. I LOVE ORLY:):):)!

@ Mj

1. "Christmas" isn't Christian. It's a pagan holiday that Christians threw their name on.
2. "Easter" isn't Christian. It's yet another pagan holiday that Christians tried to hijack. Bet you didn't know that the Easter Bunny and Colored eggs all pre-date Christianity by many many many years.

@ Sully

1. Christmas was never a pagan holiday. This lie was invented in the 17th century by anti-Catholic Protestants. There was a feast celebrated by the Ancient Romans called "Saturnalia" which lasted from 17th-23rd December. But why would the Church place a feastday two days after all the "partying" had ended? There was, however, a pagan feast on the 25th December which celebrated a “sun-god” and this was instituted by the Emperor in 274 A.D. Christmas (officially) entered the calendar in 354 A.D. Until the Edict of Milan was published a few years before, Christians were persecuted and assembled secretly in the catacombs. They celebrated Christmas way before it was officially put into the calendar (hymns and prayers of the first Christians {particularly the Prières des Premiers Chrétiens] and scholarly work [by Thomas Talley] suggests this). The Fathers of the Church who actually were there and lived at the time tell us that Our Lord was born on the 25th December.
2. That Easter is a pagan holiday is yet another lie. The English word for it comes from the Saxon name for April, “Easter-monadh,” which comes from the name of the godess Eostre. The name for Easter in Latin is “Pascha”, in Hebrew “Pesach”, in Italian “Pasqua”, in French “Pâques”, in Swedish “påsk”, and so forth, all mean Passover. Easter is Passover; Only the English name (and various other north-European languages) has pagan origins. But not other languages’ words for it and neither the feastday itself are pagan. The Passion and Resurrection of Our Lord coincided on the Jewish Passover (the Old Covenant) to show that all the sacrifices of the Old Testament were fulfilled in Christ’s sacrifice on the Cross and His unbloody representation of it in the Holy Mass. Easter eggs and bunnies weren’t and aren’t part of any of the Church’s liturgical traditions on that feastday. They are merely cultural aspects which survived. Any confusion with Easter rests with etymology not theology or history.
Please inform yourself and do some research on the Roman Catholic Church (the only true Church) before writing things that are false and slanderous about it.

@ Mj

Are you nuts. You must be 13 or something. You do know you can be a christian who follows Buddhist philosophy. Also who are you to judge. I thought that was Gods job.


i hope he finds God, i wanna do the same thing as Ally Bloom. he needs to find God so he can save his soul. luv ya Orly!!!


Hey certainly is blessed and one of the best actors EVER. I truly hope he finds God. There is so much peace in knowing Him that I sincerely want him to have because he is a great person.


i wish him all the best. luv u bloom ur the best.


i need to meet him so i can tell him all about Jesus and how his life would be so much different if he found Him. Love you Orly and pray that you open your heart to God!!!


Geez. Worry about your own soul. Find god yourself. He's a great actor. Worry about other things.


olando bloom we loved you on kids choice awards.


Yeah....... i hope he finds God....hes sooo lucky to be alive by now............. i wonder if he even cares about his fans........lol


He's in the same religion as i am .. and i see him at a couple of the festivals that we have and he seemed like he was happy and he looked Cute. and he was with some blonde girl the last time i saw him but it wasnt kate bosworth..

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