Olivia Mojica Sex Tape: American Idol Contestant Bares All

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Sorry, Lauren Conrad. But your action with Jason Wahler between the sheets might not even be the most exciting sex tape news this week.

According to TMZ.com, Olivia Mojica - a top 24 contestant on Season Two of American Idol - has a sex tape that will be released soon.

A really, really lewd one.

We're told the tape is "very explicit" and features 40 minutes of "smoking hot sex."

One source who says he has seen the tape put it this way - "It's the nastiest tape I've ever seen." And that probably includes the one with Dustin Diamond!

The tape was shot with Mojica's boyfriend, but we don't know when. A website featuring a preview of the tape will launch soon, similar to the site created specifically for the Kim Kardashian sex tape.

Sadly for David Hans Schmidt, Vivid Entertainment is the front-runner to distribute the tape. Steven Hirsch, co-chairman of the company, said he cannot comment at this time.

Mojica was 18 at the time of her appearance on American Idol. Lately, she's been singing with the East coast rock band, The Watchdogs. Obviously, that's not all she's been doing.

Keeley Hazell, meanwhile, sent her congratulations to the crooner.

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>Girls with morals do not allow themselves to be >vidiotaped (sic) having sex and acting like whores So what's the guy? Is he a ho or a slut, since those are the only two choices for this behavior?


Listen up,it doesn't matter why she did it.She is a ho either way.All you people who proclaim to know her need to face the facts.Girls with morals do not allow themselves to be vidiotaped having sex and acting like whores.They especially do not allow a third person to watch,let alone run the camera.
If she did it for money,she's whore.If she did it for free,she's slut.Those are your choices,get over it.Either way she'll be laughing all the way to the bank.


Ones a hole always a hoe.


hey everybody i really did know this girl and went to high school wit her and always wanted to have sex wit her but atleast now i get to wack off to her video


Bottom Line, its her life and her decision...she's gotta get her name out there somehow...and judging by what I saw of the preview it looks like a great sextape. Women can make their own decisions these days, and if she wants to be a nationally known whore then let her be.


I went to HS with her and am even friends with her never knew she would do this!!! DAMN she is gonna roack a small town!!


hey I, you're the idiot - I work in the adult industry and what I said is a fact - sorry to all the sheeple who don't have a clue of what really goes on - this is a publicity stunt & it seems to be working - what's funny to me is every other comment on here is from someone who supposedly "knows her personally" - girl gets around LMAO


What a damn whore! People will do anything for attention now a days. It's just pathetic.


'the thing most people don't know is it's illegal to sell a sextape without the participant's permission - they have to sign off on something called a 2257 - so all the sex tapes you see were signed off on by the star - whther they admit it publicly or not' You're an idiot. you really are.


I think she looks like a guy in a wig. I bet her minge smells like wee wee.

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