Olivia Mojica Sex Tape: American Idol Contestant Bares All

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Sorry, Lauren Conrad. But your action with Jason Wahler between the sheets might not even be the most exciting sex tape news this week.

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    Olivia, you are very young and there are a lot of ways to be a better person. Famous?? It is not important if you reach it by walk in a wrong way!!! Don't sacrifice your good voice, amazing talent, just because you want to be famous or maybe you want to get a lot of money, but please, leave it now, because you still have those better ways to be a better people, to have a lot of money. See the poor people, they still be happy evebthough work in a hard place, be a housemaid, or labour. Why? because thay do it step by step, and choose the better way. And they believe in God, and i know you can do it... Please, singing for me and your fans, because i want to buy your album someday, not your sex tape or something stupid others..


    Half the people on here know Olivia. W/E morons. The video is proof you don't know her ffs.


    i used to hang out with OM. I am 30, cross eyed and live with my parents. fyi


    I know of a trick to see the video for only 4 bucks. Which isn't bad, how do I know it works because I did it by accident.

    What I did was join the regular site http://www.linkforwards.com/olivia.php for 4 bucks and this gives you an unlimited trial for 3 days, so that means you can download any of the videos for 3 days including this video. Otherwise you can join the site for $30. I prefer $4 don't you?

    I personally saw the video and was impressed and really enjoyed it, this site also had access to the Kim K video also.


    I grew up with Olivia and yeah she's a little crazy but hey who isn't as for the whole who would let yourself be filmed oh so so many people especially if your trying to bring a new aspect to your relationship! As for they tape having her consent NO it does not and they fag sayin he works in the biz yeah right! The 3rd party said if Olivia or her bf sued he'd take the blame instead of vivid!! Do your research! I personally think it's funny that someone from good ole RC has even gotten so much attention so go Olivia! If that's what ya wanna do have at it! Jenna Jameson is hot and the best porn star ever so if ya want make it up there then everyone that went to school with you could tell stories!! Like the baseball song!! LOL all you RC's know about that!


    Man BIGBOPPER, you are totally right on the money on that one! This little chick is smokin' hot and my weiner is probly gonna fall off from yanking on it so much when i watch her. Man, i would like to stick my face between her buttcheeks and then oh so gently stick my tongue in her butthole and do my tongue around and around in circles inside of her. MAN THIS CHICK IS SO HOT! If I saw her in person I would probly tackle her and dry hump her. The nastier the better...I'm hoping for a dirty sanchez, man that would be awesome. Or what would be really awesome is if i was all like "oh olivia, sing me a pretty song" and as soon as she did I stuck my dick in her face and sprayed her with hot cum. Man, I can't wait for this!


    I am going to beat off while watching it... The I will do it again and again until I fall asleep.. I like that it's dirty, nasty and freaky... mmm mmm good... Bring on the nasty porn of the little American Idol sweetheart and BRING ME MY LOTION... I HAVE SOME SERIOUS WORK TO DO ON MYSELF... Watch out, he's gonna BLOW...


    She is a big time manipulator who has no ethics and no sense of integrity or honesty of any kind. She seems so desperate to get ahead in life that alas any means seem justifiable including a porn video (alas she couldn't really make much money as a singer, or as a rental agent, could she?). There seems to a third person doing the filming in the video. I guess that shoots down the theory that her boy-friend made this video and released it. If he (or the company) are releasing this without her consent, they sure will be in big-time legal trouble. But the company doesn't seem bothered by this, which does imply that this has her consent.


    She's definitely a manipulative bitch...Sadly, I think she's hit it big and is going to make a fortune in the porn biz.


    I knew her. She's a slut. she likes to do gangbangs. for all of you who said that she wouldn't do this, your wrong. of course she's going to tell her dad she didn't give permission. you guys need to stop kissing her ass. she made her choices.

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