Nude Sean Stewart Frightens Beach Goers, All of Humanity

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There's no better way to drum up attention for, well, yourself than by getting naked. What do you think a nude Kim Kardashian was looking for when she let Ray-J drill her on film?

The same thing Sean Stewart is after in the picture below: attention.

* Photo courtesy of FlyNet Pictures

In Stewart's case, the loser son of Rod and brother of Kimberly Stewart is trying to increase publicity for his new reality show, Sons of Hollywood. We really wish he had just given an interview or something.

Or waxed poetic about taking Paris Hilton's v-card, as co-star Randy Spelling recently did.

Anything would have been better than an image that makes Owen Wilson nude an attractive vision. Before you lose your lunch, though, remember that our site is proud to present numerous, hotter naked photos.

May we recommend Marisa Miller nude, for example.


She said that someone told her it was Sean Stewart, from the Sons of Hollywood. She didn't know who that was until she googled him. THat makes perfect sense.


If you didnt know who Sean Stewart is, then how the hell were you able to Google him when you get home? Oh wait - dont tell me, you did a sketch, scanned it and it worked from there? Dont make me laugh - you probably deserved the kicking!


On April 22nd at approx 3:17am, Sean Stewart and 3 of his friends attacked my husband and I in our vehicle. We were taking a side street home and were driving passed a party on 1440 Miller Drive. This guy is psycho! He doesn't know us, we did nothing to him or his friends. He was out of control. I was beggin him to stop and get off of my husband, but he was deaf to it. He was focused on one thing only - trying to hurt us. I don't know who Sean Stewart is, nor have I seen the Sons of Hollywood show, but an eye witness confirmed it was him. When we returned hom, we Google'd him - -yep, it's him. What a loser he is.