Miley Cyrus Set for New Season of Hannah Montana

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When Billy Ray Cyrus gets voted off Dancing with the Stars shortly, it will be especially humiliating.

How come?

A Happy Pair

Because the ousting will ensure that his daughter, Miley Cyrus, remains a bigger name across the country.

As the star of Disney Channel smash, Hannah Montana, Miley returns on April 23 as a high school freshman on the show about a pop star posing as a typical teen.

Offscreen, though, she's pulling a Heidi Montag and recording her own album to go along with the program's success.

Hitting the stores on June 26, the solo double disc album will be called "The Best of Both Worlds" and Cyrus is "stoked," but not in a Kate Moss sort of way.

"It's more personal. It's introducing you to Miley Cyrus, the girl underneath the wig," the actress/singer said, already perfecting the celebrity use of the third person.

All she needs to do now is charge money simply for attending a party - like Kristin Cavallari - and Cyrus will have all the habits of a famous person down pat.

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