Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves: The Secret Marriage?

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The most shocking aspect of the Matthew McConaughey picture below? No, it's not the fact that the hunky actor is actually wearing a shirt.

Nor is it the hand holding with Brazilian model, Camila Alves. After all, those two have been rumored to be dating for a few weeks now.

Matthew McConaughey and Camila Alves Photo

But take your eyes of McConaughey's body for one second, ladies, and peer at his left hand.

Is that a wedding ring? Could he and Alves have gotten hitched? Might the engagement of Usher and Tameka Foster have inspired Matthew to finally settle down?

We don't know for sure. But Lance Armstrong will not be pleased if this is actually the case. Neither will women around the world.

They may need to turn their attention to a half-nude Owen Wilson instead. Yikes.

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I think that it would be cool that he got married. Geezzz would hate to think that he might be a little fruity if he wasn't interested in a girl. Ya'll think it might be a friendship ring or a promise ring (promise to be honest, loving, caring. blah blah blah blah..) Maybe a promise to still love and hug him even after he works out and gets all sweaty...hell I would make that promise too... KT


Hey, if the man is married that's his long as he continues acting.


My son looks just like Matthew - could be his little brother! Everyone and Anyone that knows Ben Sergent calls him Matthew !


Reality check! He's not just a movie star and she's not just a model. They are human beings with the same right to happiness as the rest of us. If the ring is for real, best wishes to the happy couple. If not, I still wish them the best. He became my hero in A Time To Kill and I continue to admire is acting ability. But I wish him all the love and happiness I'd wish for anyone. God bless you both!!!!


Matthew is so hot!!! I still have not ran into him at the Wal-Mart where I live. He has a ranch about 20 miles out of SA and I heard he built a house in the town I live in, SA.


I hope that sexy/gorgeous man is not married! It is a sin if he is!


Thank You GOD! LOL! I am so in love or lust with my man Matthew McConaughey!


...he's been wearing that ring off and on, on his left hand since Sept 2006, so no, he's not married...