Mandy Moore's New Man: Greg Laswell

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We understand that Mandy Moore isn't the best singer or actor in the world.

But you'd think this cutie would aim to be a better dater.

Mandy on the Carpet

Previously, she was linked with DJ AM for some unknown reason. Perhaps she's just a morning person. Or maybe DJ PM had a girlfriend.

With that relationship behind her, though, Moore is reportedly dating some singer named Greg Laswell. As you can tell by the picture below, this pair looks as happy together as Snoop Dogg and Don Imus would be side-by-side:

While no staffer at The Hollywood Gossip is a dating expert, we'd tell Mandy to give Zach Braff another shot. He's one funny, funny dude.

Or, see if Vincent Chase is still interested. We're sure his Entourage is a lot more exciting than that of this Greg Laswell character.

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Greg Laswell is quality. It's easy to spin a story when you take pictures of people standing on the sidewalk. at least check the man out on itunes or myspace before comparing him to zach braff, I mean let's be honest maybe compare him to john mayer or another singer, but not a half-assed tv star


Learn how to run a gossip page. And learn who's who. Greg's an amazing musician and a fantastic human being.


OK, so you are basing their happiness on a Picture??? Are you kidding me. And if you think Zach Braff is funnier than Greg, then I know you have no clue who Greg Laswell is. All you know is that he is some "Up and coming" singer/songwriter. Get to know the guy, and then you can write your silly little gossip article. Oh yeah, and the wedding Jeff wrote about above.... that was my Wedding, so Yeah, I kind of know Greg.


I knew Greg as kids when we went to the same church. He was a nice and funny kid. I saw a him and his folks a couple of years back at my cousins wedding and was still a nice and funny guy. Do some homework on Greg and I'm sure you'll rethink what you wrote.


Hollywood...Smollywood. Greg is a great guy!


I also know Greg personally and he is the sweetest, most sincere person that I know! Not to mention he is extremely talented! He is a hard worker and deserves only the best. I think that Mandy and Greg are an adorable couple (if they are a coulple). She seems very down o earth which is what Greg likes. I wish them well..


I know Greg personally -- he is talented, handsome, and a heck of a nice guy. He is also a rising star, so you may want to be careful what you say about him. I hope he and Mandy have a great time together.


greg laswell is an amazingly talented musician, not to mention the fact that he is gorgeous and funny as hell. if you ever have the chance to see him perform live. your opinion on the guy will do a complete 180. i mean go to his myspace page and read his blog, listen to his music. do some research before you form an "opinion" on someone. this shows an amazing lack of credibility on your part.


Considering you are the Hollywood Gossip you sure don't know your head from your ass when it comes to musicians...get a clue...Greg is amazing!


What a ridiculous article. You people don't know what you are talking about so please...STOP TALKING!

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