Mandy Moore's New Man: Greg Laswell

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We understand that Mandy Moore isn't the best singer or actor in the world.

But you'd think this cutie would aim to be a better dater.

Mandy on the Carpet

Previously, she was linked with DJ AM for some unknown reason. Perhaps she's just a morning person. Or maybe DJ PM had a girlfriend.

With that relationship behind her, though, Moore is reportedly dating some singer named Greg Laswell. As you can tell by the picture below, this pair looks as happy together as Snoop Dogg and Don Imus would be side-by-side:

While no staffer at The Hollywood Gossip is a dating expert, we'd tell Mandy to give Zach Braff another shot. He's one funny, funny dude.

Or, see if Vincent Chase is still interested. We're sure his Entourage is a lot more exciting than that of this Greg Laswell character.

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I know Greg personally too, and I know for a fact that he's not dating Ingrid because he's dating me!


Are you serious?
if you would listen to mandy's newest album you would know that she is talented. and as far as Laswell goes... He is an amazing artist and the best person she has ever benn connected with so why dont you stop beind ridiculous and publish true things


Mygod, you really don't know anything do you? hhahaa
mandy is a good singer and actor, if you actually gave her a chance. yeah she did crap music in the past and looked like a 16 year old porn star, but seriously. and you don't even know greg laswell. OR zach braff personally so how can you say all of that $*!t? grow up and look into things before you write articles!


Greg is not a cool and nice guy. he is a jerk full of himself. has been for 10 years. move on mandy.


I've wanted to lie next to Mandy Moore since I was 12, no luck though. At any rate, glad someone with talent is keeping his toothbrush on her basin. Greg Laswell is an unbelievable songwriter, and like many of the folk here think, homeboy seems to be a swell dude as well. Never actually talked to him, but I saw a concert he put on and looked at him for a bit one time. Oh, and just out of curiosity revered gossip columnist that I've never read before and know nothing about, you ever went somewhere and forgot your keys? You pose the question to your partner, "Hey honey, do you know where the keys went?" 'No, I thought you had them,' they reply. That's the sort of interaction going on there. And if you were fortunate enough to be talented in an area that would garner you this type of affection from dudes who make money off of stalking people, I'm sure we'd have a dozen or so photos of you and that dude no one cares about from Double Dare ‘kick'in it old school.'


Greg's music is awesome and whoever this gossip columnist is should try listening first before speaking. Typical critic of everything but themselves. Go hear Greg Laswell for yourself at The Gypsy Lounge, Lake Forest. It will be a great show!!


I know Greg Laswell and he is one of the nicest, sweetest, and most talented songwriters/performers. Maybe you should listen to his music before labling him "some singer". Wise up.


Commenter "Curtis" sounds a bit jealous, Greg Laswell is an incredible artist, not to mention human being, which is probably why Miss Moore has become so smitten with him. What kind of person judges a relationship based on one photograph? Not much of a real journalist, obviously. Do your homework.


Um.. yeah, this article is ridiculous. First of all, Mandy is a great singer and actress, and you seem to put down this Laswell guy, when from what I'm hearing is a respectable artist himself, AND when you can't even properly print a good gossip article.
So yeah... shurt up, please?


I could not agree more with whoever wrote this article. And I too know Greg Laswell.

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