Legal Complaints Filed Against Richard Gere in India

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Richard Gere has already been burned in effigy.

These things happen when you embrace and kiss hot Bollywood actresses in front of live, Indian television audiences.

But now, Gere's problems are worsening, as he's become the target of three legal complaints in Indian courts regarding his antics with Shilpa Shetty Monday.

Lawyers accused Richard Gere and Shetty of committing "an obscene act" in a public place, says the Associated Press, an act that shocked the conservative sensibilities of the Indian population.

We're not huge Richard Gere fans (neither are some other, rumor-spreading actors), but come on. An obscene act? He's lame, but not a criminal.

All we can say is that it's a good thing the Indian public wasn't broadcast a live feed of the infamous Britney Spears crotch shot last winter.

Residents of several Indian cities burned effigies of Gere after he took Shetty into his arms and kissed her several times (on the cheek, mind you) during an AIDS awareness event in Mumbai.

We suggest they burn Howard K. Stern next. Just a recommendation.

On a completely note, did you know Richard Gere's middle name is Tiffany? Tiffany! How bizarre. It's like a man named Brian Warner deciding he will heretofore call himself Marilyn.


OMFG! He was drunk, I say to you, or just plain crazy. What the hell was he thinking when he did that !!!?? I saw it live on Sony and I feel so emersrabd on this matter. Yes, it's a big deal. TO u funny westeerners where respect and culture are sadly not, it can be like nothing appeared, but above all, Shilpa spokesman. is ruined, and she was kissed against her will. is that correct? Nooooooooo. Wtf it's a great situation. Two-gendered people MUST keep distances. Maybe a nice handshake or something but YA'LL see how he grabbed her? omg he was a p-i-m-p