Kristine Lefebvre: From the Boardroom to the Playboy Pages

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As always, a new employee for Donald Trump will emerge from this Sunday's season finale of The Apprentice.

Not as typical, however? The fact that one of the ousted contestants from this season will be appearing in the pages of Playboy in June.

Indeed, fans of the show will be seeing a nude Kristine Lefebvre, as the lawyer brings new meaning to the term "legal briefs."

The wife of celebrity chef Ludovic Lefebvre, why is Kristine joining the ranks of Holly Madison and other Playboy bunnies? We're told that this beautiful legal mind is a cancer survivor and is aiming to use such a spread to send messages of support to other inflicted with the disease.

It's hard to find fault with that. Maybe Kim Kardashian could learn the lesson that going nude in order to inspire others is a better idea than baring it all just to get Ray J off.

Meanwhile, you can follow this link to read a full Kristine Lefebvre bio ...


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Kristine Lefebvre, I think your beautiful, Not only in looks but your brains makes you a perfect 10 and then sum. Now if your as nice as I think you are, I envy the man/person you end up in life.I'd love to see the whole Tattoo They didnt show much on it in your layout, So what best sums it up is WOW


Kristine announces her official blog here


You're an idiot Manuel. Your comment makes no sense. Bring on the Playboy shoot! Woo hoo!


This kind of stupidity ends up costing society lots of money. If he wound up at the hospital you and me have to pay for it because he is not going to.