Shar Thing: Kevin Federline Back With Jackson?

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Britney Spears has enough problems.

Namely recovering from alcohol and drug addiction... and evidently going insane.

Roll Up in Da Club

The last thing she needs is to read rumors that estranged husband Kevin Federline has recently rekindled a romance with his one-time love, actress Shar Jackson.

The pop princess lured the dancer away from Jackson while she was starring on the crappy show Moesha (with Brandy) and pregnant with his second child in 2004.

But Kevin Federline, who recently agreed a divorce agreement with Spears, has been spending more time with Jackson lately - including a couple of late-night meetings at his pad - sparking reports that they may be fornicating like rabbits again. 

This news comes in spite of past denials that the pair will be getting back together.

A source tells In Touch Weekly, "Shar was always there for Kevin. When things were really bad with Britney, she was a rock for him."

Shar attended K-Fed's birthday bash in Vegas last month, and one of his pals says it's only a matter of time before the couple reunite, adding:

"Shar was his first love - plus, he's been saying how hot she looks."

One can only wonder if Kevin has also lost his marbles. Hooking up with that tramp Lindsay Lohan would be one thing - but Shar Jackson being hot? Come on, Kev!

Then again, Jackson went under the knife last year, spending $15,000 on a tummy tuck and breast lift. Hey, why not. It did wonders for Heidi Montag.


This is a classic case of what goes around comes around. Britney knew Kevin was involved and had a baby on the way, and yet she used her celebrity status and finances to lure him away from his girlfriend and kids. As a result, Shar lost a boyfriend and the kids lost a full time dad. But wit karma being a bitch, Britney lost her mind, reputation, fans, respect, and now her kids. Do unto others as you would like done to you.


Actually, both ladies are pretty and unfortunately they became involved with someone who is young and disillusioned and needs to obviously be mentored on how to treat women. I pray for them all that they are able to get their lives together. In comparsion the two ladies, I would say the Shar has used wisdom in her dealings with both media and her handling of Brits and Kev's marriage/divorce. As for Brit, I think she is just young and needs guidance as to how to be a woman. She also needs to work on her self-esteem. Any woman who would target a man that is already involved with another, rush to get married and pregnant did not receive instructions in etiquette. Peace... Wisdom


Shar is a beautiful talented woman that keeps her private.

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