Keira Knightley Out & About... With Orlando Bloom?

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Nope! Just kidding! Keira Knightley was indeed out with her hunky man… but this is not a picture of her Pirates of the Caribbean co-star, Orlando Bloom.

It just looks like him. Are we wrong? No. This is Rupert Friend, though. Or should we call him Rupert Friend… With Benefits! Sorry. It's a slow day. 

Hope this clears up any confusion. Regardless of who the gaunt Keira Knightley is seen out and about with, there are a couple of constants:

  • She and Rupert Friend are not engaged, despite rumors to the contrary.
  • She is getting sick and tired of the damn skinny jokes celebrity gossip sites always make about her!
  • We are still scarred by the image of her getting railed from behind by that squid dude in that bizarre porn comic strip we came across.

I have to agree with you guys. she should go out with orlando not that "ugly" guy. It like so wrong, orlando is the hottie


Omqqq ;;;* oldanod and keira make the cutesttt couplee
&+ this guys is uglyyyyyy (:
lmfaooo. she should go out with orlando.


I agree with all of you people orlando is like SOOOO HOT


orlando looks wayyyyyyyy better!


orlado is hot he is not


Orlando is so much better looking than this guy!

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