Katie Holmes' Scientology Prison: Is There No Escape?

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Katie Holmes has hardly left Tom Cruise's side since they began dating in April 2005.

However, that support has caused her much grief.

Fashion-Challenged Mother and Daughter

According to one Hollywood insider, the actress, who gave birth to daughter Suri Cruise last year, has been told by her kooky husband to attend "mommy classes" taught by Scientology "handlers."

"There are parenting classes," a Scientology source confirms.

"Katie Holmes was quite offended by that," the source tells Us Weekly.

"Can you imagine when you're 28 and have your first child to be told you need to go to this church to become a better mom?"

Holmes now finds herself surrounded by fellow Scientologists, an exception being Victoria Beckham, who one Hollywood insider describes as "her link to the outside world."

Wow. We've talked before about Holmes' battle and how she is a prisoner without bars. But when Victoria Beckham is your link to the outside world ... that's pretty f*%ked up.

From the time TomKat began dating, the actress - who, pre-Tom Cruise, did interviews without a publicist - has been assigned a Scientology "minder," whose job, according to a Scientology expert, is "to make sure that nothing is said or done that would be critical of the church."

In fact, virtually everyone on the couple's staff is a member of the Church of Scientology.

"Everyone who works with Tom is technically minding Katie," a source dished.

So why does Katie stay? What will Suri Cruise's life be like growing up as a Scientologist? What did Tom's ex, Nicole Kidman, think about all this?

Only time will tell, celebrity gossip followers. Only time will tell.

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really. I love this. Hopefully scientology will F* up once more and she will represent their falling. Oh wait. I'm pretty sure they are already falling as a "religion" if I may use quotes. In any case, this entire field of interest is garbage. Why are we concerned with cleb's lives outside of films. Thank you "The Hollywood Gossip" for producing more trash than ENRON, EXXON, the schools, and China in one fatal swoop of an article!


I think she was totally taken by him in the beginning and now is stuck in an awful and probably very scary situation. I hope she is able to talk to her parents if things get really bad for her. He is a wacko and his constant laugh alone is enough to scare anyone!


I don't follow this couple really and believe little of what I read. However, I searched this topic, because I was really concerned to see Katie on the Today show. She was not herself, she looked sedated to say the least, and I think I could see the strings that were manipulating her mouth. It's just my own opinion but she looked perfect and adorable, yet she was someone else to me. And yes we can make possitive changes in life when we learn something new, but when I read that others have seen this zombie-like behaviour as well, I'm more certain that what I see may be in fact sadly true. I think so, but I hope not. B


Isn't it weird how 3 hours a later a scientologist is the first to post a comment on this anti-scientology article?? Anyone else find this strange? Almost like they are camping out for these comments to occur so they can have damage control.. scientology is proof of natural selection not working anymore.. ugh..


According to one Hollywood insider "The Hollywood Gossip" lacks journalistic integrity.


THESE "parenting classes" are a bad thing. if it comes from L. Ron Hubbard, the foul-mouthed manipulator, they are bad. This is Scientology's response to Katie's desire to give her daughter some other options, namely catholicism. Katie will learn that Scientology is a very jealous mistress. Suri will be brought up to be scientology poster-child. Suri is not Katie's child. the child belongs to Scientology. They have plans for her.