Joey McIntyre Analyzes Heather Mills, Dancing with the Stars

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Joey McIntyre is a former New Kid on the Block. But he's known a lot better these days as one of the first season contestants on Dancing with the Stars.

Therefore, his opinion of current contestants does hold some weight. It's not like the guy is chiming in on the Larry Birkhead/Virgie Arthur custody battle.

Ugly Hair

With that in mind, here's what Joey Mac had to say about the chances of gold-digger Heather Mills in this year's show:

"At first I wasn't a big fan of her - I don't know her well - but it's obvious this was a good ploy for people to see another side of her. Paul McCartney's kind of untouchable and she kind of gave him the run around, so it doesn't seem like she has a lot of fans. Regardless, she's obviously game and going for it, so you've got to respect her for that."

We don't HAVE to respect her at all, Joey. As Stephen Colbert says, Mills and her fake leg are very much on notice.

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