Jason Wahler Gun, Russian Roulette Photos Surface

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In the world of celebrity photos, there are two kinds of scary. The first is the joking kind. See Britney Spears' (lack of) fashion sense. The second group, some of which we are about to show you, is for real scary.

Celebrity gossip magazine Us Weekly has obtained some disturbing photos of Jason Wahler engaged in what appears to be a game of Russian Roulette.

Jason Wahler and Katja Decker-Sadowski Photo

The pictures, taken last summer, show the 20-year-old Laguna Beach alum and his friend, rapper Jay 211, slamming vodka straight from the bottle, holding a pistol to their heads and then pulling the trigger.

"We were just wasted one night and we ended up back at Jay's house in North Hollywood," says a source who witnessed the incident.

"Everyone was playing around before they decided to play Russian Roulette. There was one bullet in the gun. Jason and Jay both pointed the gun at their heads and pulled the trigger. "

Luckily, no one got hurt.

"[Jason Wahler] is out of control. He's out of his f*%king mind," the source said.

Wahler's rep had no comment on this incident.

Wahler, the former boyfriend of The Hills star Lauren Conrad, has been in trouble with the law of late, having been arrested four times in the last nine months.

Most recently, he was busted April 9 for criminal tresspassing and assault. Jason Wahler lashed out at the arresting officer calling him a "n*%$&r, a f#*%!t, and a poor f*%k."

On March 6, Wahler was sentenced to 60 days in jail, and must turn himself in before May 4 to begin serving time after he and his girlfriend assaulted a city worker and two tow truck drivers last year.

Later this month, he's due in court again after being arrested in North Carolina on charges of resisting a public officer during an underage drinking sweep.

Last September in New York City, Wahler was charged with one count each of disorderly conduct, possession of a controlled substance, resisting arrest and bribery.

These Jason Wahler photos won't lead to a fifth arrest... but they will lead The Hollywood Gossip to state that LC's and Jessica Smith's ex needs some serious help.

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I enjoyed your site.


You know I was so upset when Lauren didn't go to paris. I hoped that Jason would prove me wrong and be the one for Lauren and now he's up to this. I'm glad she left when she did!! We Love you Lauren!!


unfortunate turnout. this dude is a waste of space. better luck next time jackass.