Hulk Hogan Knows Best... About how to Ruin a Marriage

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Stop us if you've heard this before: a reality TV show may be the cause of a divorce. Somewhere, Nick Lachey just rolled his eyes.

The latest casualty of this phenomenon may be Linda and Hulk Hogan. The couple has been wed for over 20 years, but sources say they're "going through a very hard time and their marriage is under a lot of strain."

A Classic Pose

The problems, shockingly, started several years ago when the family - including the couple's kids, awful pop singer Brooke Hogan and amateur race-car driver Nick - started filming the VH1 show Hogan Knows Best.

One friend said: "They have different beliefs on how to raise kids. Brooke started her music career, and they started getting into fights."

Maybe over whether or not their daughter to continue to follow the lead of Audrina Patridge.

Some of the well-documented battles on the show have been over how scantily clad Brooke should be.

Or how late she could stay out with boyfriends, or how frickin tall she's getting.

Another source of tension has been that Hulk, 53, desperately wants to get back into the wrestling ring, while Linda somehow believes that WWE isn't exactly the place for a man nearing social security age.

At one point, the friend said: "Linda got so fed up she quit the VH1 show. She just walked off. No one knows what started that fight but it was serious."

While Linda is now back on set to film the show's fourth season, this pair might be better served to talk to Carmen Electra and Dave Navarro. That union ended as soon as the cameras stopped rolling.


Hulk Hogan 2007 father of the year? What a joke. Give me a few million, no job and two kids. I could be father of the year too. Hogan can't keep his wife at home and who knows what his kids are doing. Because he is on tv, someone gives him father of the year. Is this the best they can do?


Say it isn't so...I figured they'd be the one marriage that would stand the test of time. Terry, back in 1983 part of your marriage vows were for better or worse. I understand where Linda is coming from but if Ric Flair can still be going strong than so can Terry. Part of being married is working out your differences. If nothing else, unless florida is a no alimony state, Terry is going to get wallet raped, he might have to wrestle just to stay above water. I hope Terry reawakens his relationship with God and strengthens his marriage. If you've been togeather as long as they have, then they know each other in and out and can work it out. It is what it is and I hope it works out for the best for the bollea family


MR hulk I pray for you brother and your family to stay together you have wonderfull yrs together with linda please in the name of the lord help them with their problem god bless .satan leave the hogan alone in the name of jesus amen.


I hope that he gets back to prayer and vitemins and then just maybe they can work things out. after all if they split prayers are all he will have left.


I hope it's not true about the Hogan family and marriage. I think they are great parents considering how they have to live in the lime light. I would hate to seem them split up and how it will affect the kids. Hulk Hogan you should be father of the year, your a great inspiration!


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I had a real period where I had a tough, tough time. I got caught off guard with this divorce thing. I didn't see it coming. My son is doing better. I pray for my wife every day. I am very grateful because we realize how very blessed we are. Now that we are aware, we are walking in the spirit of God. We are cool. We are way cool.

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I was offered lots of [reality] shows when I was making my career comeback against The Rock, but I kept saying no. But years later, it was my daughter’s career and son’s racing career that we were thinking about. We saw the Ashlee Simpson show and Jessica Simpson’s and Lindsay Lohan on the big screen and we just didn’t haven’t a vehicle to compete. But I considered it, because this time it was about the Hogan family rather than Hulk Hogan; they all wanted to do it and I tried to warn them about what they were in for. Now look what happened.

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