Heidi Montag Boob Job, Nose Job Photos

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Just three weeks after her breast augmentation (boob job) and rhinoplasty (nose job), Heidi Montag turned heads with beau Spencer Pratt April 22.

The scene: A Malibu beach.

Terrible Tandem

"She looked awesome!" says an onlooker. "She seemed really happy."

We don't see how anyone could be, in the presence of Spencer Pratt. But Heidi has defied conventional wisdom for some time. Who ever knows what she's thinking?

Sources tell Us Weekly that Beverly Hills-based doc Frank Ryan performed both surgeries. Heidi Montag always wanted C-cups, a pal confesses.

"Whatever women need to do to feel sexy, they should do," The Hills star and former BFF of Lauren Conrad said in a past interview.

Check out these before and after Heidi Montag boob job and nose job pics ...

Damn, girl. While she's not exactly entering Britney Spears or Victoria Beckham territory, let's just say those are some serious boobs Montag bought herself.

Though Montag has not confirmed she had surgery, the evidence (above) is clear. And The Hills blonde bombshell admits she has plenty of reasons to be in good spirits.

"I'm in a great place in my life right now," she tells Us Weekly, the publication which first obtained these pictures of Heidi Montag we bring you.

Spencer Pratt, for his part, denies he pushed Heidi to have the surgery, stating, "I would never tell her what to do with her body."


These comments are down right nasty, horrible and mean. all of these people saying shes a slut and ugly and everything are insecure fat ugly people probably that are just increadibly JELIOUS of Heidi and if you are pretty and your saying this about her than ur still just probably really insecure and cnt find happieness with yourself. i personaly think that Heidi is gorgeous before and after her surgery she was beautiful before and even more prettyer now. i mean get real do you think she is the only person on the planet tht has had plastic surgery NO!!!! GET THE FUCK OVER IT! Heidi your perfect stay strong and dnt let the this all get to you darling:)


Shes a mental case that need serious help!! Funny all the loser guys that say shes hot. blah blah blah. You dorks probably whack off daily cuz you can't get a woman!! haha Losers.


She's pretty hot looking. Who cares she had surgery or not. I'll make love to her any day.


Spencer is her HUSBAND-not 'beau'! Geesh-has your writer been sleeping for the past year or so?? LOL Heidi complained a few weeks ago about how she can't 'hug people' due to her overly large breasts. So why would she want them bigger??? It is NOT going to help her career at all. She and Spencer are just two very stupid people. Also..can't the 'owner' of this website delete the comments that are terribly offensive???????


She's gonna end up like all the other celebs that got addicted to it....butt freaking ugly! What a dumb ass! Oh well she was ugly b4 and she'll be ugly after.


Girl, give it up. I think you should invest in a ten step program instead. You're addicted to plastic surgery. You looked better before. Yikes!


shes gonna be another pam anderson, a walking, talking no talent pair of un natural boobs walking around hollywood


I dont care if u feel happy about yor changes or not, but ur agent probably would feel so freakin embarassed to be around you, and so are all ur so-called friends. seriously, move to Antartica and stay there, and dont show your messed up face for the whole world to see. You'll just embarass yourself


u should totally get another plastic surgery and change it back,total slut


wow....she looks so fake, pale, old, depressed, and her face is soooo messed up it's . Before, you look nice and innocent and all that crap, but now, it's just plain old SLUTTY BITCH. And when i first read this article, i totally went like "SHE HAS FRIENDS??

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