Half Nude Brooke Hogan Frightens Concert Goers

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Brooke Hogan is scary enough when she towers over fellow artists, such as Fergie.

But at least the daughter of Hulk Hogan is clothed in that instance.

Brooke Hogan, Birthday Party

We wish this were the case in the photos below. Sadly, however, it looks like Brooke was attempting to cover up for her lack of talent by not covering up her somewhat manly body. And let's just say Holly Madison nude doesn't need to worry about her spot as a Playboy cover girl being stolen by Hogan any time soon. 

Poor Brooke really can't get it right. She's either dressing like Audrina Patridge - or not dressing at all.

Even Britney Spears could give this terrible singer some fashion tips.

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That girl is hot as hell she doesn't have a manly body she is just in great shape. People are just to use to all these models that have anorexia its sickening


Forr Godds Sakee ..... Leavee Brooke alonee youu Twattss Yuurr Thee Tranniestt Thing Heree.. justt cozz Yourr jelouss that shss Getinng somewheree Inn Her Lfee .... Groww Upp Youu stupidd People .. ;)


What a trannny. I wonder what surprise we would find in her pants and i doubt it is a vagina.


beautiful?? didn't she have her pics airbrushed in fhm?? that means she's too chubby! damn,i know brooke thinks by dressing sexy millions of people are gonna buy her album, but she's wrong!!! no talent, is still no talent. and she does look like a transvestite


WHo ever thinks Brooke has a "manly body" is a freaking idiot! Look at her you moron she's freaking beautiful!!!


god, brooke looks so slutty!! at least britney had abs, this girl is spilling out so bad...*pukes* bit*h can't dance, sing or even LOOK like a real singer...


Brooke is a "Hot Looking Young Lady" Yo Brooke Shake It For Big Poppi.