Drama in the Aftermath of The Hills Season 2 Finale

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On last night's finale of Season 2 of MTV's The Hills, we saw Heidi Montag (right) move out of the apartment she shared with Lauren Conrad (left) and move in with her much-reviled boyfriend, Spencer Pratt - to the disgust of Conrad and everyone here at The Hollywood Gossip.

Minus Miss Montag, the cast of The Hills - Audrina Patridge, Whitney Port and Lauren Conrad - stopped by MTV's TRL in New York to chat about the season finale of their hit reality show, which aired that night.

Pimp and Ho

They didn't reveal too many details, but sources close to the cast report that a lot has gone down between the former roommates since the dramatic moving-out episode.

"Lauren and Heidi are no longer friends," a Hills source tells Us Weekly. "They never talk or hang out. Spencer achieved his goal and broke them apart."

This budding celebrity feud heated up even more Monday, when Montag ditched out on MTV's invitation to attend The Hills: Finale After Party - filmed before a live studio audience at MTV Studios in NYC last night.

During the broadcast, when host Susie Castillo asked Lauren Conrad how her friendship is with Heidi since The Hills concluded, she replied bluntly, "It's definitely different."

So why did Heidi Montag decline to join fellow Hills stars LC, Audrina, and Whitney (pictured below) at the after party show? A source close to the brash londe says she opted to stay back in Los Angeles with Pratt, who was not invited.

"Heidi was offended they wouldn't invite Spencer," says the source.

We're stunned that MTV didn't want that dirtbag on the air any longer. Anyway. Despite everything that happened, Lauren Conrad has not officially ruled out a reconciliation with her former BFF.

Asked whether she and Heidi could be friends again if she breaks up with Spencer Pratt, Conrad openly said it would be possible - and likely.

"Of course, I love Heidi. I was in a similar situation with her last year when I moved out with my boyfriend [Jason Wahler]. Heidi and I barely talked, but as soon as we broke up, she was there for me, and it only made our friendship stronger."

Meanwhile, Pratt and Montag are still shacking up in a Hollywood apartment.

"We're going to take over the world," Pratt recently told Us Weekly. "Heidi is the biggest star from that show."

Not if we see you at Hyde and beat you down first. Ass.


Hey CC, I just watched the whole of season two on MTV Overdrive so just go on the website+its all there plus tons of aftershow stuff too.
I totally agree with what everyone's saying about heidi+spencer...what does she even see in him??he's not hot at all+such a creep.also she must've seen all the sly stuff he does behind her back on tv so why the hell is she still with him????
finally...adriana you're SO right.whitney got waaay too skinny.on the season finale show her legs were like sticks.she's so gorgeous just could really do with putting on a bit of weight.but hey i guess most of hollywood could do with gaining a few lbs!


Hey CC, they were showing it again during the day last week in a marathon it seemed. Try looking at the MTV website. It gives a TV schedule and also has things about the show you might like. Hope you get to see it! Cheers to you.




omg this is unreal!! i am so cut up with season 2 of the hills. everything went wrong and lauren should never have started with jason in the first place.. hes such an ass!! he ruined her life, she shouldve gone 2 paris!! and omg heidi u r such a bitch!! what is wrong with u? ever heard of the word cheater?
by the way world .. ever stopped 2 think this reality show may not really be reality? could all these rich people just be soap stars hiding some secrets?


spencer should just give it up. he said so himself that he's a player, why does he keep sticking with heidi? what an idiot.


Can someone tell me when Season 2 reruns will be airing??? Cheers, CC


Can someone tell me when Season 2 reruns will be airing??? I missed the whole season and am dying to see it!! Cheers, CC


i think that spencer is a total user, using heidi like that is totally not fair. I think that heidi doesn't relize what is happening to her, but good for Lauren to finally relize that she has better friends then just Heidi, sure they were best friends but she has better ones!!


Can someone tell me when Season 2 reruns will be airing??? I missed the whole season and am dying to see it!! Cheers, CC


I'm a litle behind because i just found this Website - I know, where have I been? Anyway, Heidi is an idiot and Spencer is a skank. They deserve eachother and neither deserve any more Hills time. Heidi doesn't care about Kauren, she cares about that scumbag and her lack of self esteem.

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