Dita Von Teese Shows Marilyn Manson What He's Missing

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What the hell is Marilyn Manson thinking?

Yes, we realize this open-ended question could be applied to anything Marilyn Manson does. But in this case, we're referring to his divorcing the sultry Dita Von Teese (below), who's been known to show off her, um, assets… 

Sexy Dita Von Teese Pic

The shock rocker's ex-wife performed a jaw-dropping striptease at Crazy Horse Paris at the MGM Grand Monday night in Las Vegas, according to TMZ.

The routine involves the lovely Dita Von Teese hosing herself down on stage while wearing little more than a thong and pasties. Hot stuff!

Manson recently told Le Parisien newspaper that the they split up because Dita wanted him to "become more adult, more responsible," something he must have refused to do.

Perhaps she wanted to be the one to wear the makeup in the family. Or he couldn't handle the possibility of everyone seeing Dita Von Teese nude in Penthouse. Who the heck knows.

All we can say for sure here at The Hollywood Gossip is that if this is the act Dita performs for the masses, imagine what the private performances must be like.

Ooooga. Evan Rachel Wood, you've got some hot shoes to fill.

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