David Weintraub: The MySpace Profile

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Considering all the MySpace accounts out there, David Weintraub could have separated himself from the online profile account in one easy step:

Post a picture of good friend Sean Stewart, nude.

Fortunately for all of mankind, the agent and co-star of the new reality series, Sons of Hollywood, avoided taking such a naked leap.

Instead, his MySpace page focuses on life in California with childhood pals Stewart and Randy Spelling.

He also blogs about life as a representative of various actors and actresses, as well as a list of traits he looks for in potential clients. David cites "uniqueness" as number-one, ensuring that Marilyn Manson has a long, successful career in front of him.

For more insight into Weintraub and his fellow Sons of Hollywood, click here.


All the above comments are so much fun to read. Everyone above who has posted about David doesn't know him and wished they did. I am sure Art and Marc approached him to get an audition or Susan wished he would even look at her, maybe just once. If you actually knew him you would know he works his butt off everyday and has a great business sense. Hollywood is a tough place and David has managed to succeed at a very young age. Spend less time criticizing someone who is actually achieving something and work on your own lives. Good luck!


These talentless kids are such idiots who will most likely all end up in jail someday.


Your show sucked, you have about 20 years of growing up to do, Spelling has no talent whatsoever, you just use that to boost your bulls**t career, to get closer to the 600 mil fortune, and Stewart is a 7-15 year stretch in the state pen waiting to happen. Who are your clients? Um, anyone that anyone in the U.S. may actually know? I really feel bad for stewart though. Big shoes to fill & he's not in the least bit talented, even more stupid and obviously no work ethic. Thank God for Daddy. By the way, thank heavens you dress well, because you are ugly, Weintraub. The Porsche doesn't even help., but you stare all day in the mirror, so you already know that.


David Weintraub? Who? Who?
Oh, OK, I get it. Just another little trust fund weenie, where the only thing smaller than your intelligence is your cock.


You are such a tool. Do you seriously have an actual client list with what a nine ball you are? I mean, I've seen some really arrogant, full of themself, agents in my time but none as bad as you. It's comedic though. It's almost as if you try to act like Jeremy Piven in Entourage. I think the only down to earth nornal guy on your show on A&E is Randy. Rod Stewart's son is a compete douche too. It was great to hear Howard Stern and Artie Lange and the rest of the crew talk about what a jerkoff he was after going on the show. Take it down a level clown. You are a nobody, it does you no good to act like you are above everybody else.


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