Celebrity Look-Alikes, Vol. 32

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Past celebrity look-alikes may have been a stretch. In fact, we apologize to Jay Leno for the comparison to Rumer Willis.

But the any fan of American Idol could've seen the following comparison coming weeks ago.


After all, judge Randy Jackson compared Chris Richardson to a famous pop singer on the very first day he auditioned. Which one?

The man who has been bringing sexy back like it's his job, Justin Timberlake. Check out the photos below to get an idea of where American Idol's resident dawg would've come up with this idea:

Easy to see the similarities, isn't it? And we haven't even gotten to the same smooth stylings of C-Rich and JT yet.

Perhaps Lauren Conrad thought she was going home with Timberlake when she snagged Richardson a few weeks ago.


One's a real Celebrity and the other isn't. Plus look at their heads... fat head / skinny head :)


I don't think its a lie I beilieve 100 percent


These people don't look much alike, in my opinion, but what about the triplets separated at birth - Sting, David Lee Roth and Billy Idol??


that is a lie justin does not look 1 thing like that other man come on justin is 1 of the best lookin men on earth i love you justin

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