Bad Moon Rises at Sight of Hugh Grant

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A day after his baked bean assault on a member of the paparazzi, the great Hugh Grant was leaving his home in London when he received the "full moon" treatment from an admirer.

The former beau of Elizabeth Hurley was spotted the other day in one of his finer moments, throwing food at a cameraman. From the look on Hugh Grant's face, this fan is either a huge fan of his work, or the magical fruit.

Tinglan Hong and Hugh Grant

No word on whether any sappy Love Actually quotes were uttered at Grant by the fellow London resident as he proudly showcased his rotund ass cheeks.

Regarding other famous folks we think should get the full moon treatment, Nicole Richie gets the vote of our celebrity gossip writers. The anorexic waif deserves to see some crack that doesn't involve a pipe, don't you think?


I dont think that this photo is real, and if it is, i beleive that it is a classic show of who is alot more respective, a camera with beens thrown on it, or a man showing his ass off. If these camera people where on my property i would plain and simple sick a dog on them, like Mr.Burns. If i was in public the last thing i would do is even acknowledge the man in behind of me, cause a person like that should be shot, or given medication. This actor is awsome, i dont care what the propaganda is, and what ever anyone says, he is human like us, he will act like us, and plain in simple if you were in his shoes you would likely be in more trouble than he.