Avril Lavigne Not a Fan of Britney Spears

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Avril Lavigne was cruelly mistreated as a kid.

For being forced by her mom to go see a Britney Spears concert.

Dominatrix Show

The punky Canadian pop star, who may or may not have had plastic surgery, tells Jane magazine that she had to swallow (heh, heh) a whole live concert's worth of the older, more successful and more troubled pop tart - who's only three years Lavigne's senior.

"My mom made me go to a Britney Spears concert when I was young. I was like, ‘No I don't want to.' She was like, ‘If you're going to be a performer, you need to see other people." 

An interesting theory. One wonders if Bobby Brown's parents - in an attempt to introduce him to other abusive derelicts of society - forced him to go watch Ike Turner perform in concert or O.J. Simpson play football.

Lavigne further disses Britney Spears, saying that no one would've objected to her spitting at a paparazzo's camera, as was well documented last year, if Spears hadn't been, like, wearing no pants that week.

Sure thing, Avril. You and Deryck Whibley can diss Britney and try to justify your own despicable actions all you want, but that won't change the indisputable fact that you're cut-rate, hack, wannabe rockers.

You're one step above Sanjaya Malakar, peeps - and he's gaining fast. And it's like that. What.

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Avril you are a loser!!!! Britney is still going strong but where are you?? You flopped so hard bitch, nobody even remembers you... BRITNEY ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You, dina,lily, and milos were just used by these two star; britney and avril. So, why not concentrate your own life. We have no rights to criticize these tho women because everybody in this world has different experiences that made us of what we now. If everybody is peace lover then they must not criticizer.


Avril is so lame...What gives her the rights to talk about Brit that way?What did Brit ever say for Avril??? Avril je bas jadna...Odakle joj prava da prica ovako nesto za Brit?Sta je Brit ikada rekla za Avril???


never is idiot avril lavigne quiere tener lo de muchas de holliwood senxualidad pero mantenerse como comenzo ella siempre en su interior quiso ser fresa pero nunca escupas para ariba que luego te cae la saliva a ti se quien eres y no lo niegues ella no es una chica tal cual se describio es una puta que lo acepte quiere ser como britnay y paris hilton nunca niegues quien eres eso lo hace una rebelde de corazon no de ropa y muecas no poner petrestos para ser o no ser esa persona.


ya i agree with you iam not a big fan of her too oh and i like your songs