Asia Nitollano Interview: Latest Pussycat Doll Purrrrrs About the Gig

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Jessica Simpson will soon be hosting an event with them.

And Nicole Scherzinger is their best known member.

But for now, Asia Nitollano is commanding the attention for The Pussycat Dolls. That's what happens when you conquer other wanna-be dancers/singers on. The Pussycat Dolls Present: The Search for the Next Doll.

Buddy TV sat down with the recent winner ...

For those that might not know, how did you end up being on the show and what exactly inspired you to try out to be the Next Doll?
Well I've wanted to be a performer since I was a little girl. I've been dancing and singing my whole life, so that's my dream. And then when I heard of the opportunity, that they were having auditions for another member, I went straight for it. You know, anything to complete my dream.

Throughout the competition you talked a lot about your daughter being your inspiration. Did you ever have second thoughts while you were actually in the midst of the competition?
I mean, of course you always have your doubts and everything, but you always have to keep going and never give up, you know, that's how you get anywhere.

You and Melissa R. were definitely at each other's throats [in the season finale]. Was there always tension between you two throughout the competition, and why do you think things seemed to escalate as much as it did when it came down to the wire?

I mean obviously the fight didn't happen until the end of the show. There was no real tension before that. I mean, it was a stressful situation. It was a competition. You know, we all had different emotions and you know it was in the heat of the moment. We got into an argument just like how any group of friends would, or your brothers and sisters would, and then you get over it afterwards.

So do you keep in touch with any of the girls from the show still?

Yes I do. The girls are great. They're all really great people. I really became close with Brittany and Melissa S. You know we speak all the time and I speak to Jamie and Mariela and you know, the other girls we text message each other. We still maintain a relationship.

So how much pressure were you feeling going into your final performances?
Oh, it was so scary. Especially being one of the final three you know, because you know that you're that close and it could be any one of you at this point. And you know, you just…you want to hit it, you want to nail it; you don't want to regret anything. So I was pretty happy with how things went.

After you did your solo performance, how confident did you feel about your chances of actually wining the competition?

I always had confidence throughout the whole competition but I also knew that the other girls were really great competitors and were talented as well. So I knew it could be any man's game, and you know, whoever won would have been deserving.

There's a lot of anticipation waiting for the judges to make their final decision. What was going through your mind during that time period?

I was just thinking of all the people that I love, you know, my daughter, my mom, my family. And I was just praying that it was me that won. You know, I didn't want to deal with any more rejection. I just wanted to win it, you know?

So how did it feel on stage performing for the first time officially as a Pussycat Doll?

It felt great. You know that's what I came there to do. I couldn't wait to get on the stage with those girls and I'm happy I had the opportunity just to be next to these talented, beautiful women. And it was an honor.

Can you tell us what's in store for you now? What happens now that you've become the newest member of The Pussycat Dolls? What can fans expect?
I really don't know what's going to happen next. I just won. I'm taking it all in and I'm excited so we'll be speaking with the label in a few and we'll see what happens from there.


im happy that asia has won the competition to be a true pussy cat doll i believe asia fits sooooo perfectly in the group and also pcd needed another black girl in their group so now group loooks so mixxxy and sexxxxxy together


Asia I think ur inspirational to all the single mothers out their and I wish you the best of luck I'm glad you won. Don't worry about all the haters in the world just keep doin what cha doing girl


I'm happy for Asia. If she didn't deserve to win she wouldn't have won, people keep forgetting that. Ron is a brilliant man in the music industry and him, Robin and lil kim chose her. They know what they're doing, so all you "haters" need to stop making it seem like it was somehow an unfair win. It's not up to "you", it's up to them, and she clearly earned it.


i said the same thing to them no update on asia no pictures videos or anything.i dont think that is very fair to asia.there busy recording at the moment from what ive been told.


to see her in pics, and performing with PCD...they havent updated the website or anything with her pics or anything...




Melissa R should of won fullstop. Asia's got skills but her singing is terrible compared to Melissa! She shouldn't have won.


I think Asia is setting a very poor example for her daughter. The example is shake your butt and grind your hips and you can make it anywhere. She is beautiful and talented and could do a whole lot better for herself and more importantly for her daughter.


I think asia is so fit to be a doll because she has the booty, the sass and the the great performances.i love her so much and she was ment to win.i wonder if she will stay in the group cause she kinda does have an attitude problem.she was very motivated to her daughter so she wouldnt let anyone down.well bye. GO ASIA YOU ROCK!!!!!!!!


i think stacey is right!! it shouldve been melissa r who won! asia has such a bad attitude and i wished that robin had looked at what she was saying to melissa r. she isnt a good singer and what sicily said about her dancing or looking like a transvestite..shes right!! she isnt a good addition to the group and she shouldnt have won. and her actions do not fit as a PUSSYCAT DOLL!!!