Asia Nitollano Interview: Latest Pussycat Doll Purrrrrs About the Gig

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Jessica Simpson will soon be hosting an event with them.


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    I just that Asia was a joke. If she didn't plan on joining the PCD, why even audition. The other girls know that they're going to be part of the dolls. She just ruined someone elses chance of getting a shot at being a PCD. She's a bIIIh...I still haven't heard anything regarding her solo and her songs. I've heard Melissa R's songs on youtube...good luck melissa.


    l really didnt think you should have been one to didnt even stay! there were so many other girls that would have died to be the winner!! but you didnt carrea bout that you just wanted to win and you did but then blow it all off


    this is for kristie. dont speak up on someones life asia is not a bad mother to persue her dreams she is talented and its her life to live which doing what she has to do is what you do as a parent. so kick rocks. go asia!


    she's really pretty , and a really good singer. wish you thee best of luck ! xox


    Hey , hey , hey ; i think Asia was g r e a t . Her style was hot & she's tryna make her dream come ture . Yes she acts a little crazy sometimes but she's from New York ; she hasz 2 keep her gardsz up , heck everyone hasz 2 . & by her doin so she didn't let anyone bring her down & she w O N ! Go Asia !! : *)


    it can't be is amaizing as a ppl and as a mother....they said she wins for shame...but it;s not sow!....she won becauze she deserve it!!..... she is amaizing....if de rest of the pcd kicked her off the group...their will be serious problems for the future of the band!!!.....THAT IS TRUE....becauze she will be the next LEad singer....After Nicole's Quit!...becauze that is TRUE!....Nicole is leaving the PCD!!!.....but anyways...u guys will see..wath i was talking about!


    Ihated asia but who knows maybe she blackmailed the judges


    ASIA is the worst singer ever. i am so pissed off that she won! she thinks that she is all that and shakes her ass just cuz shes gots one
    Melissa R should of one! shes was such a good role model
    and look now asia is not even wit the group cuz shes sucks and should go home and watch her baby


    haha did anyone hear, melissa r got pregnant!!


    i think all of you people on here are retards., gaawwwdd i think asia is better than those other girls but if someone said that they likes chelsea or mel bettter, i wouldn't say rudew things to them. and the asia haters, if you acually hated her you woudn't be on this sight now would you? you asia haters gatta get a grip, shes just a girl going for her dream. WHAT IF YOU WERE GOING FOR YOUR DREAM AND THERE WAS A BUNCH OF PEOPLE SAYING NEGATIVE THINGS ABOUT YOU. HOW WOULD YOU FEEL? you asia haters may think that asias rude or w/e but dont you have days wear your just a total snob. jeez you asia haters need to stop going on this ASIA FAN page and go to chelseas or mels page if you hate her so much. act your age and stop dissing her. i hope you really think of what im trying to say. i know it sound weired but i hate it when people are soo rude to me, so think how asia feels. if you've got somehting rude to say about her, than go to ASIA'S EX-FANCLUB!!!!!

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