As Shanna Moakler's MySpace Page Turns ...

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There's more excitement over there than a night in Vegas with Paris Hilton and Kevin Federline.

First, Shanna Moakler made perfectly good use of her MySpace account during her feud with Travis Barker. Since then, the couple has reunited.

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Now, the former Miss USA and Dancing with the Stars contestant is taking to her online world again - in order to publish the contact information of Paris and Lindsay Lohan. No, seriously.

Shanna's swipe at the two airheads was a response to a blog posted on the MySpace page of Harry Morton, which gave out Shanna's contact info. Morton, of course, is Lohan's ex. Shanna believes that one of the girls is running Harry's page, and that the hard-partying starlets hacked into Shanna's phone and MySpace.

"I know for a fact he (Harry) does NOT have a MySpace account," Moakler says on her site.

A spokesperson for Lindsay - who just recently had her MySpace page hacked into supposedly - told TMZ, however: "Those are not her e-mail addresses."

It's complicated stuff, we know. You're better off just taking a look at the account of Shyamali Malakar. There are just nude guitar-playing pictures there. None of this other nonsense.

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I love love love her! Go Shanna!