Andy Baldwin: A Bachelor, Officer and Gentleman

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Andy Baldwin. He's hot (as the pictures below, courtesy of Us Weekly, show). And an officer in the U.S. Navy. And a total gentleman.

"I'm just a guy that grew up in a small town in Pennsylvania with a great family," the star of the newest season of The Bachelor says. "I have no ulterior motives other than I just haven't met the woman who is right for me yet."

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As these girls gather to giggle poolside with their bachelor, Andy Baldwin explains what he looks for in the perfect mate.

"One of the sexiest things about a woman is if she's intelligent and witty. If she can challenge me in that a manner, she's so much more beautiful in my eyes," he explains.

This bachelor's also looking for a match willing to have fun with fitness. Having recently participated in the Iron Man triathlon - with Bachelorette winner Ryan Sutter (now husband of Trista Sutter), Baldwin is very body conscious.

"I love to work out and exercise with my girlfriend," he said. "The most romantic thing I like to do is go for a run and get the blood pumping, get sweaty and take a dip in the ocean and watch the sun rise."

THG NOTE: For Britney Spears, it's an evening of clubbing, Red Bull, smokes and projectile vomiting, followed by an all-night roll in the hay. To each their own.

Baldwin, who went to Duke University, says Southern hospitality is something he adores. Lucky for him, there are a bevy of Southern belles vying for his affections this season. No, Jennifer Wilson isn't one of them.

"They must have had a good casting call in Dallas," says Baldwin, who's nothing like his predecessor, Lorenzo Borghese, with a chuckle.

"Meeting the girls, I was like 'You're from Texas, too?'"


yes well the latest update is.....THEY BROKE UP! come-on people - very few of these couples last and thats because the whole thing is sooooo contrived. Do you think you could really fall in love with someone you spend oh lets see - 1 month of your life with? All of those fancy dates and the luxury is BOUND to make some THINK they are in love but after the cameras are gone and real life sets in - they usually break up....


Andy, I was hoping that you would choose Tessa and am glad that you did! I know it's TV but she came across as the most sincere. I could read Bevin like a book! You may have thought she was hot, but she came across as very fake. Tessa seems like "the girl next door" type. The minute I saw Bevin's big tatoo showing when wearing an evening dress, I knew she wasn't the girl for you. Good luck to you and Tessa--I hope that we viewers get to hear occasional updates as to how you're doing.


Lt Baldwin,
Tessa was my choice too the minute she got out of the limo. Before marriage though make sure she also want children, as you do.A relative of mine married a refined, educated and sophisticated lady. She was the best you could find. At first she wanted children but as the marriage went on for 4 years she now does not want children. And she seemed to have convinced the husband on this idea too. This is a devastating blow to the husband's family.


Dear Andy and Tessa,
I am so happy that you have chosen Tessa as I have done as well! You two seem like soul mates! I wish you a life of unconditional love, happiness, communication, family traditions and overall blessings! Please follow up so we can rejoice in your wedding! Marriage is beautiful Mr. and Mrs Leo


On a recent talk show the bachelor was asked if he slept with any of the women. He said he slept with 2 of them when they shared a room for the night. This bachelor is no gentleman. No gentleman would sleep with a woman vieing for his love and no gentleman would admit to sleeping with 2 women the way he did. What a pig!

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