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The Hollywood Gossip staff is comprised of celebrity sex tape investigators and Antonella Barba photo admirers.

But we don't know a lot about fashion.

Scotty McCreery Performs

That's why we needed the help of American Idol stylist Miles Siggin to comment on the trends of a few of this year's contestants:

Haley Scarnato: (below, left) "Haley tends to gravitate toward pageant-y, more sparkly things which we've been slowly getting her out of. You can go out to any club or bar in any city on a Saturday night and see a million girls wearing the same thing," Siggins says. "With the Idols, people have got to aspire to be them in every way, including dress."

Melinda Doolittle: (below, right) "Before Idol Melinda didn't really know anything about fashion or shopping at all... She's got quite a strange body, because she hasn't got much of a neck and developed shoulders. [Her friends who helped style Melinda during auditions] were putting her in lots of collared stuff - jackets and things - which I got her out of as soon as I could and into dresses, which are a lot more flattering for her. By the end of the season she's going to be the most changed."

Jordin Sparks: (below, left) Miss Sparks turns to her mama for fashion tips. The jury's still out on whether mom knew best when Jordin stepped out in a grey skirt and a red checkered top, but our Idol insider confirms that Jordin loved the look. "Her mom took her shopping. She loved it. It was age-appropriate compared to the week before."

Blake Lewis: (below, right) Beatboxing isn't the only thing that makes this boy unique. Siggins, who recently styled Blake in a chic suit, tells us the singer is usually anxious to put his own spin on the style. "We did a great suit for him a few weeks ago and then he threw his schtick into it and throws some kind of mad pattern on what he wears - maybe a pink shirt or something. He's got his own definite sense of style."

Great. Now if Siggins could just find Sean Stewart some clothing, we'd appreciate it.

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