Wellness Survey: Britney is Unhealthy, Oprah is Not and Other Famous, Fun Facts

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LIME recently completed a survey regarding celebrities and a wide range of health issues. Some of the results were expected. For example ...

Britney Spears is considered most in need of a more balanced lifestyle. The newly shaven celeb topped the unhealthy list with a whopping 81 percent saying of respondents saying she needs to "live the change."

A Nude Britney Spears

In the eyes of Americans, Lindsay Lohan (14%) has somehow made great progress in living healthier, while a few others believe that Eminem (4%) and Mischa Barton (1%) need to start making some changes.

Meanwhile, Oprah Winfrey is the "Queen of Healthy Living," as she tops the list (at 47%) on the question of which celebritiess have most helped Americans re-evaluate their own views on the importance of living a healthier and more balanced lifestyle. Lance Armstrong comes in at a healthy second with 37%, while Ozzy Osbourne (8%) and Tyra Banks (8%) are tied at the bottom of the list.

Oprah's pal Bono is number-one when it comes to raising awareness for a cause (AIDS). He brought in nearly half the votes (48%) on who has made the greatest positive impact on raising social-consciousness about their charity. Angelina Jolie came was second (25%) with her work with the UNHCR, overshadowing the efforts almost two-fold of Ben & Jerry (16%) for Saving the Planet, and Harry Connick, Jr (11%) for Hurricane Katrina relief.

In more random results; 44% of respondants chose Cameron Diaz as the ideal yoga partner, more than double the folks who would want to partner with Jada Pinkett Smith (22%), L.L. Cool J (18%), and Mark Wahlberg (17%).

Finally, Americans want to spend a day doing green things such as recycling most with Salma Hayek (37%) and Brad Pitt (30%), while Sting (19%) and Daryl Hannah (13%) would have less fans sifting through the dumpsters with them on recycling-with-the-rich-and-famous day.


Hey Oprah My name is Kayla and i am glad that you have made some great changes in your past. Thanks Kayla your welcome to send me one back kturnock11@hotmail.com


her smileee her smileeee.....


Oprah is such a good person. Shes always thinking of others and putting smiles on their faces. =)


Britney seems happier now that she Settled up with Federline. Now she can get those worries out of her mind and get down to what's really important. Partying.


i thank oprah done got a lil to big fer her on britches. i used ta luv oprah but she just be to full of herself now, all she wonta talk bout is how much $ she got. like we dont already nose. she prance aroun like she sum kinna queen or sumpin. she all tite to, i try to git some $ from her to get dna so cuz i dont no who my baby daddy isss. she aint gone help me. ima callin murry polich. i aint watchin her sho no mo and it aint caus dey turn off my cabels neitha cuz i go up to my onties crib an i dont watch it dey etha. she dun fergot whur she come from.when dat herikan came thru hera she aint hep us. i ont thank so. she aint hep us wit nutin. she jus need to go on bak to her casel and ax herself is she gone be black or is she gone be white cause you caint be both. an all her books clubs book aint no gud nether i dunno whut da hell dey talkin boiut .tell yo "friend" gale i ax how she durrin.

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