The Hollywood Gossip Rumor Mill: Leonardo DiCaprio Proposes to Bar Refaeil

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Leonardo DiCaprio recently made headlines when his security team got into a brawl in Israel.

But Hollywood Gossip sources are reporting that the studly actor may soon be making headlines of a less violent kind - by marrying model girlfriend, Bar Refaeli. If this is the case, it will break the hearts of women across the world.

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Especially those that dated Leo and still pine for the Oscar nominee. Such a list might include Sienna Miller. It definitely would include Gisele Bundchen, although she seems to have at least moved on with Tom Brady.

As for Rafaeli, she's onl 21; the same as as Lauren Conrad. Is she really ready for marriage? If not, there's a Hollywood Gossip staffer or two she could call.

If so, we wish these two the same sort of happiness as fellow recently engaged couple, Salma Hayek and Francois-Henri Pinault.


I've seen a piece of this Eddie Murphy Entourage DVD documentary on myspace. I heard Eddie's camp doesn't want released. Do you know anything about it?


excuse, I did not know that!!!! jejje, it is interesting to me very much to know of this girl because she was a fiancée of David Charvet of the series (Baywatch), and since I like it since I want to know things, also I know although here it does not avenge to the case that David was with Bar Refaeli in Tel-Aviv and if someone can say something to me about that I will be grateful for it like also that he has a sister living there also, in Tel-Aviv


Chris Pittam/Splash NewsDon't worry ladies, Leo's not completely off the market yet. A source close to Leonardo DiCaprio, 32, is denying rumors that he's getting hitched to his super-hot model girlfriend Bar Refaeli, 21. "It's complete BS," the insider tells of the couple's reported engagement. "Not true. Made up by a supermarket tabloid." The two recently took a trip to Refaeli's native Israel, where they visted her parents. But this wasn't Leo's first time meeting the parents, and the source adds, "Just because you see the parents doesn't mean there is an engagement." So don't ditch that South Beach diet just yet, gals. There's still a shot.

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