The Beyonce Hair Watch: Curly or Straight?

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Certain celebrity hair decisions are easy to make. Go back to the blonde locks, Jessica Simpson, for example.

Others don't make a difference in how that star is viewed. Dark, blonde or red-headed, is Lindsay Lohan any less likely to go home with the first guy she bumps into?

Bey Bey

But then there are those head-scratching choices that famous people must make when it comes to their, well, head. Take Beyonce. Does she go straight? Does she go curly? Does she go Britney Spears?


Write in today and let Knowles know which look you prefer. We'd ask Jennifer Hudson for advice, but we don't wanna start any more catfights.


Either way looks great..keep doing you beyonce :) happy new year!


beyonce will never get old so there for i think stright


She's bald. So neither.


Why did you change your hair to straight i liked it when your hair was puffy. Oh...tell your sister that i said she was good playing on bring it on all or nothing. Beyonce next you see chris brown tell him that i said he was sexy on this christmas and stomp the yard tell him to email me on at my space tell him to email me so i can have a free poster of him when he had on army


I wud say B lukx better wit curls but chances r its FAKE!!.


Man bee needs a break everyones tired of her. she getting old. next in line


Hmmm, I think straight. Looks more glamorous on her, somehow. Take a look on my web site for more stuff about Beyoncé and her fashion label House of Deréon! http://www.smallshoppingworld....

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