Suri Cruise, Crazy Parents Out & About

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The picture below might as well be titled "Portrait of a Very Happy, Slightly Insane, Scientology-practicing Family."

With a bottle and toys in hand, Tom Cruise and his beautiful, brainwashed bride, Katie Holmes, are looking prepared to take their 10-month-old daughter to her big brother's basketball game in Beverly Hills on Sunday.

Off to the Office

If they weren't such lunatics, we'd say this picture is almost cute...

No word yet on whether Connor Cruise's team won the game, or whether that little Asian cutie, Suri Cruise, was vocal in cheering him on.

That's really not important, though. We're just glad to see that TomKat is keeping busy in light of the unsettling injury to BFF David Beckham.


Please pull your head out of your ass for a minute and know that Tom never ever itnneded to ask for money ofr any pictures of Suri because 5million is paltry compared to his fortune. On the other hand 4.5 million is manna for Brangelina. Angelina has no project this year and they will live off Brad's income and the money they get from the pictures they sell and say a lucky'passerby in new orleans took them yet you can see them clearly posing.I mean where would they go without a hode of photogs for a lucky bystander to get so lucky?


Katie looks beautiful with her hair long.


i agree with the first jeanette ( i wonder if the second is the same person with the first ) but yes,,why u all have to be mean,,she's just a little girl for god sakes!! and i think she's so pretty and absoutely look like tom cruise,,
you know,,
babies are beautiful!!


Sorry but this poor child if FUGLY!!!


What I want to know is who the hell would pay millions of $'s for pictures of a kid that looks like that? Like they say, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.....


Poor Katlyn. Such poor esteem to pick on a baby, and the ugly language she is using makes me feel she is an ugly person herself. And she must have awful looking children herself to criticise any defenseless baby at all. It is so sad that there are actually such mean people in this world, when they can see ugliness in innocent children Jeanette


Where does the Asian comment come from?! I wish people would quit those ludicrious comments. Suri is a very beautiful baby and has the brunette coloring of her parents! The religious comments are ridiculous too. Tom Cruise is a very devoted Scientologist. Let's give him some respect for that.


I wonder who's the insane ones. This is a beautiful family with a beautiful little girl. Can't you be nice just once. Shame on all of you and your stupid comments!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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